WORX WX427 XL 710W WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw Review

worx wx427 xl compact circular saw

Total Score: 8.6/10
Easy to use
Value for money

The WORX WX427 XL 710W WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw is breaking all records at being the finest in the market not only because of its looks but rather the genius construction behind the product. Let’s have a detailed look at how the WX427 functions on average.


ProductWORX WX427
Power SourceCorded Electric
Number of teeth24
Weight4.57 Kg
size120 mm
Warranty3 years
Speed3700 RPM
price Check Price

Major Features

The WX427 is not only a good-looking tool to have in your garage; instead, it comprises certain outstanding features that coerce people into investing in it. Let’s see how persuasive the WX427 can be.


The WX427 is a sleek model that weighs 4.57 kgs and has the dimensions 50.8 x 30.8 x 15 cm. The WX427 requires 2 x L1154 button batteries to operate on. Furthermore, the saw is a classy piece of equipment with its bright orange and black colours harmonious contrast with the shiny blade.

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Motor Power

The WX427 verifies as a helpful compact saw with enough power to successfully take advantage of plunge cuts like electrical sockets, floorboard sections, and vent fitting, etc. it is an excellent instrument to make deep cuts through tough and stubborn materials. It has a quite formidable 300-watt motor, far more significant than most available in the market. The WX427 is a force to be reckoned with as it has unbeatable motor power and is exceedingly effective for long-term usage.

Bevel Cut Ability

the WX427 is exceptionally beneficial when it comes to cutting bevels. It permits smooth cuts without forming sharp edges, giving off a neat and professional finish. The saw is able to cut perfect 45 degrees bevels, possessing the ability to make immaculate surfaces for different types of materials without having to use a million other tools and supplies to achieve a particular desired look.

Cutting Depth

The WX427 is incredibly able to make a 46 mm (1.8 inches) deep cut at a time. The depth of the cut can be adjusted through a lever on the saw as well. It also happens to have three attachable blades on the saw; a diamond-shaped tipped for brickwork, a TCT wood cutting blade, and a general cutting blade which is apt for cutting through plastic or metal. A very effective and proficient tool for various professions, such as woodworking and locksmithery, etc. Furthermore, the WX427 seems to be relatively cost-efficient and economical because of the all-in-one feature of the blades.


The WX427 is not just a cutting instrument for unproblematic surfaces such as wood and plastic. Rather it painlessly slices through stubborn surfaces that include masonry, metal pipes and sheets, PVC pipes, plasterboards, and ceramic tiles. This indicates that the WX427 is a multi-purpose tool that supports a variety of functions and achieves extraordinary results effortlessly. The saw majorly benefits the construction trade, especially electricians and plumbers. Considering these features, the WX427 justifies its retail price since it appears to highly benefit the rational buyer.   


A central selling point to the customer is not just the specs and features; the consumer also pays attention to the convenient facets of the machine. Such as, the WX427 arrives with an electric cable with a length of 2.5 meters. It also comes with a UK 3-pin plug. The power source of this incredible machine is corded electric, meaning it can be turned into a hassle-free cordless saw that is easy to carry from place to place, saves time consumption, and the design is fit to mount to a wall box like most indoor features.

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Laser Guide

Another fantastic feature of the WX427 includes the laser guide light. It is highly advantageous to users as it alleviates the accuracy and precision of the incisions. The laser light guide offers no room for mistakes as it flawlessly produces perfect cuts. Users can also use this feature of the device in low light or dark areas. The only downside to this spec is that users found the light to be extremely inaccurate, as it may have led to uneven cuts or unproportionate incisions. Many, however, were quite satisfied with how the laser guide was assisting in the performance of the machine.  


The accessibility and portability of the WX427 is a very persuasive spec for the buyer as it improves the operational functions and effectively achieves quality performance. The WX427 weighs around 4.9 kgs, and it comes with a carry case as well. The WX427 is a compact, and lightweight alternative to the other models, the handle on the machine is perfectly hand-shaped, allowing to manoeuvre the saw easily.

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Based on the specifications mentioned above, features and qualities, the WX427 is an extremely useful and beneficial machine for various occupations. It is the perfect multi-purpose device that Is lightweight, compact, easy to use, and allows you to make quick cuts within no time. The WX427 is the latest model that allows an accurate depth guide and is proven to be safer to use. For long-term usage, WX427 is a game-changer for the construction industry as it saves time, space, and energy, not to mention how immensely portable the device is. Despite the minute issues of the WX427, they’re pretty easy to overlook as the saw’s performance outweighs the bad.

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