How to Cut Aluminium With a Mitre Saw?

how to cut aluminium with mitre saw

Aluminium is one of the most resourceful and long-lasting materials out there, which means that it is often in use. However, because the material is difficult to control, you often find it quite hard to cut aluminium.

Cutting aluminium is a delicate job. Too much pressure would ruin the material and too little pressure would not cut it properly. To aid you in this problem, we have prepared a guide to show how you can cut aluminium using a mitre saw.

Is it Possible to Cut Aluminium?

Yes, it is possible to cut aluminium with a mitre saw. In fact, it is possibly one of the best tools to use for the job. The way the tool is built goes a long way in helping you control and properly cut aluminium. The clamp on the saw holds down the difficult material and the rotating blade cuts it just like you desire. Therefore, a mitre saw is the safest and the most accurate tool to use when looking to cut aluminium.

It is not only aluminium, but many other materials like steel are best cut with a mitre saw. However, there are certain changes that you will need to make depending upon the material you want to cut.

Best Blades You Can Use to Cut Aluminium

Listed below are some of the best blades you can use when cutting aluminium:

1. Circular Blades

These blades do optimal work in tilting and bending around to help you make different shapes when cutting.

2. Sharp Cut Blades

These blades work best when you need clean and precise cuts. They make clean cuts to the material to give you a perfect metal piece.

3. Razor Blades

If you want the most precise cuts with metal material, then these are the blades to use.

4. Coarse Cut Blades

These blades are coarse and rough on aluminium which helps make sure that the finishing is brilliant.

How to Cut Aluminium With A Mitre Saw?

The main process of cutting aluminium is based on the initial shape of the material you put on the saw. It is also necessary to make sure you have the right blades for the cut you desire.

In addition to the main tool and adequate blades, you will also need to have a lubricant with you. There is also a time factor you need to look out for. A simple cut can take a few minutes or hours, at most. Large complicated projects can take around a few days.

Here is your guide to cutting aluminium:

1. Choose The Right Blade:

First, you will need to make sure that the blade you have chosen is perfect for the job. For that, you usually need to take note of the tooth count on the blade and see if it is the right one corresponding to the thickness of your aluminium. A 200-tooth count blade is adequate for a thin sheet of aluminium. Additionally, you can use special blades made from carbon-grade aluminium to cut your aluminium.

2. Attach The Blades:

To attach the new blades, you will first need to remove the former ones. Pop open the blade guard and replace the old blades with the new ones.

3. Clamp Down The Aluminium:

You need to make sure that your aluminium is properly clamped on the saw. This needs to be done to prevent the material from slipping and having the blades make a wrong cut. It can also prove to be very dangerous, so make certain that you are wearing a proper safety kit.

4. Start Cutting The Aluminium:

Once you have finished the prep work, you can start on the actual cutting. Before starting, you will also need to make sure that the blades and the material are aligned and in par with the measure marks. Keep the aluminium steady with one hand and gently lower the handle of the mitre saw till it starts to cut the material.

Using a lubricant when you are cutting will make the entire cutting process much easier for you.

Keep cutting till you have the shape you desire.

Tips To Help Make The Process Better

Given below are some helpful tips that will make the process of cutting aluminium better and help you enjoy it at the same time.

  • Safety should always be your priority. Make sure that you are properly protected before you start the cutting process. Goggles and protective gloves are the basic protection, but you should also consider donning better gear to help protect you from any accidents.
  • As mentioned before, it is necessary to ensure that you have a good set of blades. They should be altered to fit your desire, sharp and safe. No one wants a messy cut with a blunt set of blades.
  • Clamp your materials properly so they do not slip and mess up your cuts. The slipping can also be the root of several accidents so make sure the materials are clamped tight to the saw.
  • A backer board helps keep the aluminium steady and greatly reduces the rate of mistakes during the cutting process. Getting a backer board will help you cut worry-free.
  • Using a good lubricant greatly aids you in making smooth cuts and enjoying the process. So consider having a lubricant on hand when you are cutting aluminium.

So there you have it, a step-by-step guide on how you can use a mitre saw to cut aluminium. You must make certain that you have the process understood and all the prep work done before going in for the kill. Having the right set of blades, a good lubricant and protective gear are the top three to look out for. Along with making sure that your aluminium is clamped tight to the table.

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