Best Coping Saw UK – Top 7 Picks & Reviews

best coping sawsA coping saw is one of the most valuable tools to have in the shed. It is perfect for woodcutting projects like doors and grouts where you have to make awkward cuts and delicate designs. There are several factors that make up a coping saw. To make sure that you have the best coping saw in your vicinity, you need to ensure that it has all the right qualities. It is not very difficult to select the right coping saw, you just need to take your time and make the perfect choice.


The 7 Best Coping Saw UK

To help make the process much easier for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best coping saws money can buy.

1. Draper 18052 Coping Saw Frame with 5 Blades

One of the top coping saws out there is the Draper 18052 Coping Saw. It is a chrome-plated saw with a wooden handle and comes with a set of assorted blades to see to your every need.Draper 18052 Coping Saw

Experts say that this saw is a must in every workshop. The dimensions of this saw are perfect, not too big or small.

The quality of this coping saw is what sells the product. It cuts clean sharp lines, even on rough surfaces. Additionally, the blade turns at a 360-degree angle to provide further ease.

This means that you will not have to pick up the blade from the surface when working, which only produces ridges in your work.

To use this saw is not a complicated process, with easy blade changes and a comfortable handle.

When it comes to the reliability of the Draper 18052, it is safe to say that the durability is off the charts. The chrome plating helps keep all rust away from the saw. Moreover, the frame on this coping saw is strong and withstands increased pressure.

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  • Chrome plated saw to prevent rust
  • Wooden handle
  • Easy functioning
  • Blade can be turned at 360 degrees
  • Slightly expensive for a coping saw

2. Rolson 58290 Rubber Grip Coping Saw

The Rolson 58290 Rubber Grip Coping Saw is another marvellous coping saw. It has a strong rubber handle which is a big selling point.Rolson 58290 Rubber Grip Coping Saw

A slip of hand is always a possibility when working with such sharp blades. Although aesthetically pleasing, the smooth wooden handles do not provide much comfort in the knowledge that your hand can easily slip and cause injury.

The rubber grip handle on this coping saw eliminates any worry and allows you to work comfortably.

This saw also comes with a set of different blades that you may need when working on various projects. It is a very straightforward method to attach them to the saw and get working.

The saw is very easy to use in that the blade twists at a 360 angle, making sure that the cuts you make are smooth and clean.

In addition to all the aforementioned benefits, the cuts made by this saw are not limited to just wood, but can also work wonders on metal as well.

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  • Stylish double grip handle to provide safety
  • Blade turns at a 360 degree angle
  • Come with a set of assorted blades
  • Can cut wood as well as metal provided the blades are used correctly
  • Might need to adjust the fittings of the saw before use

3. Bahco 301 Coping Saw, 5 Piece

As lovely as the other saws have been, they are nothing compared to this one in looks. The sleek red-coloured handle should be reason enough to buy this saw in a quick second.Bahco 301 Coping Saw

However, the sawing properties of this coping saw are tough to beat. The handle of the saw is shaped in a way that it cradles your hands nicely when working and is very comfortable to use.

Even though the saw does not come with a set of assorted blades, the current blade is sharp and powerful enough to get your work done. It is composed of hard and tempered carbon steel with around 14 TPI.

Additionally, the frame of the saw is made of some strong steel that has nickel plating.

All in all, this saw is not only sleek but it is also very durable. It is a tough saw and is sure to remain unharmed in your tool shed for a long time to come.

  • Can cut through several materials
  • The blade turns at a 360 degree angle
  • Perfect for design and shape cutting
  • No such cons

4. Eclipse 70-CP1R Coping Saw

The Eclipse 70-CP1R saw is perfect for all cutting and shaping you may need to do to your wood. It is a versatile saw that you can use to fulfil all your needs.Eclipse 70-CP1R Coping Saw

The sharp blade cuts through material like butter and the handle is shaped perfectly for you to use comfortably. Another plus point in the blade is that it is not angle-specific. It will perform its duties perfectly at any angle you set it.

The frame of this saw is made of steel which only verifies the strength and durability of this saw. It means that this saw made for delicate work is not so itself. It can very easily handle increased pressure if need be.

The saw is very simple and straightforward to use. And with an affordable price of $8, it is definitely a must-have.

  • Perfect for cutting designs and shapes into wood
  • Blade can turn at various angles
  • Smooth, sleek handle
  • Strong, steel frame
  • Affordable price
  • Hard to manoeuvre for people using a coping saw for the first time

5. Avit AV09030 Coping Saw and Assorted Blade Set

A very cost-effective option if you are looking for a coping saw. It has a smooth wooden handle that adds to the decent look of the saw. And it not only cuts wood but metal as well.Avit AV09030 Coping Saw

The Avit AV09030 comes with a set of blades to make sure you never have to go out and get another for a specific project. It is one great package.

There is a variety of wood cutting and metal cutting blades. The wood cutting blades are at strengths of 2×10 and 1×20, whereas the metal cutting blades are at strengths of 1×24 and 1×28.

Additionally, the frame of this coping saw is very strong and durable. It is made of steel meaning it can stay tough under high pressure.

The present blade also possesses the ability to twist at a 360-degree angle with no issue, this means that the cuts made with be smooth and clean

  • Perfect for cutting designs and shapes into wood
  • Can work on wood as well as metal
  • A set of assorted blades
  • The handle is plain and comfortable
  • Strong, steel frame
  • Affordable price
  • The blade is originally fitted upside down which confuses most users

6. Stanley Coping Saw 0 15 106

Although the price may seem daunting at first for a coping saw, the benefits of this saw will have you thinking otherwise.Stanley Coping Saw 0 15 106

This coping saw is essentially made for wood craftsmen and those who love DIY projects. If you are under any of the categories, you will love what this coping saw provides.

The strong blade of the saw is sharp and durable as it is made of hard and tempered carbon steel. This also means that the blade will keep away from rust for a long time as well stay sharp for an even longer time.

Another plus point in this saw is that the handle is not a polished wooden handle, rather a soft grip handle that works to ensure your safety when using it.

Something unique about this saw is that the depth of the steel frame is bigger than usual. It is 6 ¼ inches and has proven to be highly efficient when working on woodcutting projects.

Therefore, if you are looking for a coping saw to keep at home, this is the one to go for. It is safe, sleek and does all what you need it to do.

  • Perfect for DIY projects
  • Has a hard and tempered carbon steel blade
  • Soft grip handle
  • Strong, steel frame with a unique measurement of 6 ¼ inches
  • Affordable price
  • Hard to manoeuvre for people using a coping saw for the first time

7. Draper 64408 Coping Saw Frame & Blade

Saving the best for last, the Draper company has come out with another coping saw that is a people’s favourite. It has one of the highest buyer ratings than most saws out there.Draper 64408 Coping Saw

This saw comes with a chrome-plated handle that plays keep-away with rust for a very long time. It is also perfectly shaped to use comfortably and easily.

It also employs very easy instructions and blade changes. This means that you can use it without any complications and get cracking at your project.

In addition to the rust preventing handle, we also get to see a strong frame that can support high pressure if need be. It will certainly not snap if you press on it a little.

As a result of the compilation of amazing factors, you get this perfect saw that is a must-have in your tool shed. It is very versatile and will make sure to provide you with all that you need in a coping saw.

So there you go, an itemised list of some of the best coping saws that you can buy. Now all you need to do is choose the one you think suits you best and buy it as soon as possible.

  • Chrome plated to prevent rust
  • Blade changes are simple and straightforward
  • Comfortable wooden handle
  • Strong steel frame
  • Affordable price
  • Hard to manoeuvre for people using a coping saw for the first time


Is a Fret Saw the Same As Coping Saw?

Technically, fret saws and coping saws perform many of the same functions. Both are intended for woodcutting, both have detachable blades, and both are not equipped to deal with super high pressure. However, coping saws are much more preferred by the general public because of their easy accessibility. There is no way that a coping saw will not be available in any tool shop, rather it would be difficult to find a fret saw at your nearest store.

What Is a Coping Saw Best For?

The main function of a coping saw and the reason for its vogue is its ability to cut out delicate shapes and designs into pieces of wood. This deems helpful when you are making doors that require intricate handmade designs. True to its name, it is also used to create coped moulds instead of mitre joints into wooden surfaces.

How Thick Can a Coping Saw Cut?

The thickness of the material being cut depends upon the saw being used and the blade attached to the saw. Generally, the maximum thickness a coping saw can get through is around 30-40 mm of wood.


It is now clear that a coping saw is a tool that is quite helpful when working on certain projects. However it is still necessary to make the right decision when going in or the kill. You need to purchase such a saw that has all the qualities you need right now and the ones you may need in the future. So before you go on ahead and buy the coping saw you desire, you need to be vigilant about the product you choose and must think about it beforehand.

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