How To Use a Chainsaw – A Step-by-step Guide for Beginners

how to use a chainsaw

A chainsaw is a handy saw lined with sharp ridges that allow the easy and thorough cutting of wood and wooden objects. These ridges are built upon a metallic plate and located at systematic interludes for better results. These sharp teeth spin at high speeds for accurate and straight cuts and can get through the toughest woods at a given rate.

A chainsaw proves helpful in many circumstances and complicated projects. Chainsaws are used to landscape trees, cut firebacks in forested areas, and sculpt ice in the winter. Despite being an exceptional piece of the appliance, you should be sure that the precautions are put heavily into place for safe use. The sharpness of the teeth and the speeds at which they spin are capable of travelling quickly through human skin and bone. A chainsaw must work with adequate care for proper results.

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Parts of a chainsaw

The following list is all the parts that make up a chainsaw run swiftly. The user of a chainsaw needs to ensure that all parts connect and plugin properly to make the machine work properly and not cause damage to either the material or the handler. It is necessary to know the equipment well before attempting to use it. The more you know, the better it is.

  • The engine
  • Carburettor
  • Drive mechanism
  • Cutting chain

Make sure that you know a certain detail of every asset of the chainsaw. The general idea is to ensure that you know where you can go wrong and steer clear of that direction. The last thing you need is the destruction of your wood or your hand.

chainsaw parts


Precautions Taken

There are general precautions that need issuance for the proper and safe use of a chainsaw:

  • First, when and if things go wrong, they happen suddenly and give you no time to react. For your aid, a friend should remain nearby to help. However, if the location is secluded, signs need induction that you are working with dangerous tools and mean to return very soon.
  • Confidence is key. You must be confident in your ability to handle a chainsaw. Hesitancy will only disturb the movement, and in turn, cause unwanted issues.
  • Utilise proper protection gear before you begin using the chainsaw. Helmets, gloves, logging boots, and a faceguard are some of the staples when it comes to protective gear. Also, make certain that the clothes you are wearing are not loose and flowy to not catch in the ring.
  • Find your comfortable method and stance. Plant your feet into the ground and get a good hold of it. Make sure the saw is angled away from you just in case there are kickbacks.
  • Use the correct tool for the job. There are a variety of settings and attachments on the chainsaw. It is your duty to ensure that the appropriate one is being used for the project. The engine, blade, and speed are all factors that decide the sort you should use.

How to Use Chainsaw

Scan your workplace

First and foremost, make sure you assess your work area before you start working. Checking all measures are taken care of and making sure all workers are aware of all escape routes and all dangers of the site. It is necessary to map out all the routes in case of any emergency. Chainsaws are dangerous equipment, which is why it is vital to think of all possible scenarios and have an adequate plan.

Prepare yourself and your tool

Prepare yourself for cutting by putting on all your protective gear. You prepare the saw to make cuts by checking up on the cutting chains to make certain that they are not too loose. Loose chains are a high chance of causing injury. A proper pulled chain should move slightly when tugged but tight enough to cut without incidents.

Fill the gas tanks

If the chainsaw being used is a gas machine, then you should check the gas levels and fill them before use. Engines that have two cycles usually need gas and oil to mix. Different engines and machines have different requirements, you must check them all and deal with them accordingly.

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Connect the chain brake

With the chainsaw laying flat on the ground, push the chain brake continuously until the lock engages. This chain brake, situated between the handle of the chainsaw and the blade, stops the chain from spinning until the brake unhands and the engine is turned on to work.

Choke and prime

When using a gas power saw, there is generally a choke that needs turning on before use as well as the prime button, which needs pushing several times for the engagement of the gas into the carburettor. However, if the chainsaw is electric, then the only thing that needs working is to turn on the safety and use the machine.

Security and starter handle

Gas chainsaws require the engagement of security. Hold the machine firmly from the handle and pull on the starter rope from the other idle hand. Generally, it takes several pulls of the rope for the machine to start. You need to alter the choke if, after several tries, the machine still does not engage.

Prepare to make the cut

Brace yourself by firmly rooting your feet into the ground and keeping your finger on the trigger of the machine. Hold on to the material and the machine tightly and angle away from your body for your safety.

Make and finish the cut

When you are ready to make the cut, release the chain brake and press on the trigger. One vital thing to remember is that you should never force the machine. The speed of the blade will do the work, you only need to direct it. Be mindful of the cord lest it gets in your way. Finish your cut by releasing the full tilt of the trigger, do not let go until you are ready to finish your cut.

Turn off the chainsaw

After making your perfect cut, switch the saw off and let the machine cool before putting it away.

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