Best Circular Saw UK – Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Best circular saws in ukA circular saw is a tool used for woodcutting and other materials.  It is a powerful tool using a blade or abrasive or toothed disc to cut different materials by moving the material across the blade because it stays in a fixed location in a circular saw. Circular saw is a life saviour for the DIYers because it is hard for them to use the regular saw as it needs a lot of strength and patience, but circular saw makes the long cut or linear or straight line in the pieces of lumber within no time and with utmost accuracy making the job easy for DIY-ers.

One of the features that are the reason behind circular saw’s popularity is their portability. You can find the best circular saws in the UK on a budget as low as £25 and as high as £164 all depending on their features and specifications.

Here we have researched and reviewed some of the best circular saw in the UK. We have also compared their power quality and also other functions.

Best Circular Saw Reviews UK

1. Makita DHS680Z Brushless 18 V Li-ion Circular Saw

Makita DHS680Z Brushless 18 V Li-ion Circular SawThis heavy-duty is on top of the best circular saw UK list due to its power and large base providing a stable and accurate cut. Some of the other features that make it one of our favourites are below:



This circular saw comes without a cord, which means you can do your job in a go without worrying about the wire get entangled. Instead, it is powered by an 18 V Li-ion battery that gives a maximum output of 680 watts and delivers up to 5,000 RPM (revolution per minute), equivalent to many corded circular saws.

Automatic speed control:

This circular saw features the automatic speed control that changes the speed by itself according to the load and condition of the material, and you do not have to turn the knob to reduce and increase speed while doing your job.

Brushless Motor:

Its brushless motor makes it run more efficiently, and the other components of the motor have to bear minor wear and tear. In addition, the brushed motor produces as much power as needed and makes the battery hold charge for a longer time.

Electric brake and Electronic current limiter:

There is an electric brake for the soft start and saves the operator from the overload current issues. In addition, the electronic current limiter provides additional security during operation.

  • electric brakes
  • automatic speed control
  • electronic current limiter
  • dust blower function included
  • strong motor
  • lightweight
  • battery not included
  • eats up energy faster

2. Meterk ‎GSE4722-UK – Best Budget Circular Saw

Meterk Circular SawIf you are looking for a more affordable option but want the saw to have all the specs of expensive brands, Meterk circular Saw is one for you.  It is a 185 mm size circular saw and comes with two blades, one for wood (24T) and the other for plastic and soft metals (40T).


Powerful corded Saw:

Its high-performance copper motor delivers 1500 watts of cutting power and up to 4700 RPM. It also has a greater cutting depth of 65mm at 90° and 45 mm at 45° bevel makes this handy saw an outstanding choice for cutting thick materials.

Laser Guide:

The laser guide and the ruler make the cutting easy, straight, accurate, and precise like professionals.

Safety measures:

This machine features a double safety switch that prevents accidental opening, and the comfortable handle provides a more potent clamping force to the operator. In addition, the aluminium guard over the blade provides extra safety and durability.

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  • 1500w powerful motor
  • laser guide
  • suitable for tough material
  • budget-friendly
  • flexible bevel cutting
  • dust blower included
  • too noisy
  • little bit heavy

3. Makita HS7601J 190 mm Circular Saw

Makita HS7601J 190 mm Circular SawMakita is a most respected brand in the world of woodcutting products. They never compromise on the quality, and with the pristine quality of Makita HS7601J, yet again, they have proved themselves.  It is a handy, easy-to-use machine supplied in a Makpac case, making it convenient to move.

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Potent Circular Saw:

This circular saw has a powerful 1200 watt motor that spins at a speed of 5200 RPM, equivalent to any other bulky model. With a 66mm cutting depth and unique adjustable angle that can turn from 0° to 45°, this beast can handle nearly everything, from hardwood to soft metals and plastics.

Double insulation:

The double layer of insulation between the motor and the casing protects the user from the electric shock and makes it less noisy than many of its counterparts. In addition, the lightweight and compact design of this circular saw makes it comfortable to hold and easy to operate.

Single adjustment lever:

With a single lever, you can adjust the blade’s cutting depth in no time. Moreover, this circular saw has a solid aluminium base plate for the bevel and plunge cuts and changes very quickly from the rare.

  • 1200w powerful motor
  • double isolation
  • handy and stable
  • single adjustable lever
  • electric brake
  • dust extracting port
  • a bit expensive
  • sometimes the blade guard stick into the material

4. Makita DSS611Z – Best Cordless Circular Saw

Makita DSS611Z LXT Body Only Cordless 18 V Circular SawThe third circular saw by Makita has made its place on the list of best circular saw UK, but undoubtedly Makita has earned it. This product of Makita also provides high-end performance and is made of the best quality material. Furthermore, it is a cordless saw that gives you freedom of mobility.

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Lightweight with great capacities:

It is a lightweight and portable circular saw, yet it has cutting capacities similar to the corded ones. With 165mm blade diameter and 20mm, bore diameter you can have a cutting depth of 57mm at 90 degrees, 40 mm at 45 degrees, and 36 mm at 50 degrees bevel.

Safety measures:

This machine runs at a speed of 3,700 RPM with the help of an 18V ion battery. This product has a built-in double safety trigger, a comfortable handle grip so you can hold it firmly, and a solid aluminium base that provides stability.

  • lightweight
  • cordless so you can move freely
  • high speed
  • stable and robust aluminium base
  • rotational cuts with 50 and 45-degree angle
  • removable dust nozzle
  • three years warranty
  • battery not included
  • not suitable for heavy-duty work

5. Hychika 1500W Electric Circular Saw

HYCHIKA Electric Circular SawThe Hychika not just claims “better tools for a better life” but also makes it sure to provide us with better tools.  This circular saw is of good quality, is very well built and sturdy, and is not too heavy. Moreover, the price is quite reasonable, and it is easy to use even for beginners.


Powerful copper motor with long cord:

The 1500w copper motor runs at the sped of up to 4,700 RPM and can very easily cut various materials. This saw comes with two blades, 24T for intricate cuts like wood and 40 T for fine cuts like cutting soft metals, plastic, tiles, plywood PVC pipes, and many more. In addition, it has a 3-meter long cord that allows the user to take it as far as possible.

Laser guide:

One of the handy features of this circular saw is that it includes laser light. The laser light is not just a gimmick but helps the users straight cut in line with the saw blade. Additionally, it has a guiding scale ruler to control the cutting width.

  • powerful copper motor
  • comes with two saw blades
  • cutting angle adjustable
  • Laser guide included
  • includes scale ruler
  • reasonable price
  • safety switch
  • aluminium guard
  • it is quite noisy
  • no electric brake

6. DeWalt DCS391N-XJ XR Cordless Circular Saw

DEWALT DCS391N-XJ XR 165 mm Circular SawWhen it comes to electric tools, DeWalt has been a market leader for a long time. Its cordless circular saw line is one of the best in the UK and gives a tough time to its competitors. The Dewalt DCS391N-XJ circular saw has a high-quality sturdy built with an ergonomic design that offers high cutting performance and makes it a great piece of kit.


The features that make this circular saw one of the best are:

Fan cooled motor:

This circular saw has a highly efficient and powerful fan-cooled motor that runs at 3,700 RPM. The fan-cooled motor helps this saw reduce noise level and amount of vibrations to make your cutting job comfortable.

Light-weighted Cordless circular saw:

The weight of this saw is just 3.2 kg, and its compact design and cordlessness make you freely move it from one place to other.   Moreover, it runs on next-generation XR 18V lithium-ion battery to gives you a smooth operation for a longer time.

  • cordless circular saw with high performance
  • magnesium case base
  • less noisy
  • low vibrations
  • keyless bevel
  • adjustable blade depth
  • spindle for blade change
  • lock off switch
  • electronic motor brake
  • sometimes the safety switch slip off
  • not ideal for thick wood
  • battery not included

7. Evolution R185CCS Circular Saw – Best Value for Money

Evolution Power Tools R185CCS Multi-Material Circular SawIt is an actual heavy-duty circular saw that is a perfect choice for professional artisans and DIY enthusiasts. However, it is slightly heavy with a 4.9 kg weight, making it more stable by having fewer vibrations while cutting through the materials. In addition, the soft-grip handle makes it easy to hold and gives more confidence to the user.


Multi-material cutting ability:

One feature that makes the Evolution Power Tool circular saw different from its contenders is its patented Multi-material cutting ability. This circular saw comes with a 185mm Japanese tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) thin and sharp blade that can cut through more rigid materials than wood like mild steel, copper, and aluminium.

Powerful motor:

It features a 1600W high torque motor with an optimized gearbox, and together they have enhanced the saw’s cutting and bevel capabilities. This machine has a cutting depth of 64mm at 90° and 47mm at 45°, and it can tilt from 0° to 60°. It also comes with an electric brake that stops the blade within 4 seconds for the user’s safety.

Easy to Use:

This electric circular hand saw is effortless to use and is an ideal option for DIY projects. The bevel adjuster and the depth lever are easy to operate. In addition, a parallel edge that assists in cutting in the straight line makes the cutting more accurate and precise.

  • multi-material cutting saw
  • oversized footplate
  • adjustable cutting depth
  • channelled airflow
  • soft-grip handle
  • three years warranty
  • little bit heavy
  • no bag and case included for the storage

8. Bosch PKS 55 Circular Saw

Bosch PKS 55 Circular SawIt is a corded circular saw that has a powerful motor of 1200w. Moreover, the compact and ergonomic design of the Bosch PKS 55 circular saw makes the cutting job more comfortable and effortless. However, it needs 1 Lithium-ion battery to run.


High Grade saw Blade:

This handy circular saw has Speedline Wood saw blade that is one of the best blades available in the market. The high-grade blade makes this machine cut through the material with a depth of 55mm and has a 45-degree cutting angle.

Safety measures:

A lock-off switch prevents accidental switching- on the circular saw and ensures the user’s safety. The good thing is that the lock-off switch can be operated from both sides. The additional protection includes an aluminium guard covering the saw blade.

  • powerful 1200W motor
  • aluminium protection guard
  • spindle lock for easy change of blades
  • quick adjustment of cutting depth
  • guide rail for straight cut
  • you have to buy the CleanSystem box separately

9. Bosch Professional GKS 190 Circular Saw

Bosch Professional 601623070 Hand Held Circular SawBosch GKS 190 is a heavy-duty corded circular saw ideal for some serious DIY projects and construction site works. This saw has the most powerful motor, perfectly moulded handle and highly robust components that make it a comfortable choice for both hard and softwood.


Powerful and flexible:

Its potent 1400w motor, with the most oversized blade diameter of 190mm, cut wood to the depth of 70mm, which you will not find in any other circular saw. Its blade rotates at up to 5,500 RPM making it the fastest circular saw of its class. It is a class leader in flexibility, too, as its 16 teeth TCT blade offers 56° flexibility, which is quite impressive.

Optimized visibility:

An optimized wood chip deflector clears the way while you are cutting to make the surface more visible. The dust extraction adaptor eliminates all the unwanted mess from the workplace; it means you can connect it with the vacuum cleaner. Additionally, there is an inbuilt turbo blower that keeps the material surface dust-free.

  • high power 1400W motor
  • 16 tooth TCT blade
  • fast and flexible performance
  • dust deflector
  • compact and comfortable
  • hard plastic carry case included
  • easy to handle
  • It is a heavy circular saw
  • base is flimsy
  • a bit expensive

10. Meterk 1500W Electric Circular Saw

Meterk 1500W Electric Circular SawThe last circular saw on our list of best circular saw UK is the Meterk 1500W electric saw. This saw has a powerful 1500w motor that rotates saw blades at the speed of 5000 RPM. This budget-friendly piece of kit is nicely balanced, cut smoothly, and has robust quality.


High speed:

The high speed of 5000 RPM enables this circular saw to cut through any material from hardwood to soft metals and plywood and plastic. It has adjustable cutting depth up to 65mm at 90 degrees and 45mm at 45 degrees. The bevel adjuster is large and easy to operate.

Reliable protection:

There is a thin aluminium protector at the base of the saw blade that protects the operator, and it also helps provide durable and stable performance. Moreover, a thickened aluminium guard at the top of the saw blade offers additional protection and prevents any mishaps during the woodcutting.

Integrated Laser Guide:

Almost all the Meterk circular saws are equipped with laser guides. This machine of Meterk also has a laser guide that helps in precise and professional cutting. In this model, the laser light is integrated with the circular saw and does not need additional batteries.

  • high speed
  • lightweight
  • two saw blades
  • reliable protection
  • integrated laser light
  • vacuum connector included
  • scale ruler
  • some customers have complained of stocked rotator

How to Choose a Best Circular Saw?

With so many options available in the market it is hard to decide which one you should buy. If you ask us, we will suggest that before final purchase; always consider a few characteristics in a saw that will help you do your DIY project or professional task.

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Cutting Depth:

The diameter of the blade determines the cutting capacity of a circular saw. The larger the blade diameter, the deeper the cut. If you have to deal more with the thicker material, go for the circular saw with a higher cutting depth.

The angle of the blade:

All circular saws have an adjuster for the blade’s angle, but some have a knob as an adjuster, and some have a lever. We will suggest going for the lever one because it is easy to operate while you are invested in the cutting work. Also, the adjustments of the knob will take away your attention from the job at hand.

Speed of the blade:

Some of the circular saws available in the market have a speed of as low as 3000 RPM and some as high as 6,700RPM. The speed of the blade is directly related to the cutting precision and control.

Safety features:

Dealing with high-speed, sharp blade saws can be dangerous sometimes, so make sure that the circular saws have all the safety features to keep you protected from accidents. The safety features that circular saws have are an electric brake, electric current limiter, thin aluminium or magnesium case at the base of the blade, aluminium blade guard, dust extraction to keep the cut line and vision clear.

Bevel capacity:

It is the capacity of the circular saw with which it can tilt its blade at different angles. Most of the circular saws have a bevel capacity up to 45 degrees.  The higher the bevel capacity, the more you will reach the cutting material’s complex parts.

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1. Will a circular saw cut 4 x 4?

Yes, you can; a circular saw is one of the best means to cut the 4 x 4 post. If you have a circular saw with a depth of fewer than 2.5 inches, you will need to make two cuts through the post.

2. What should you not do with a circular saw?

Suppose you are finding it tough to hold your work steady and not cut into your material surface, then do not push yourself as it might lead to any dangerous situation. Instead, put thick insulation or a piece of foam on your work surface to make it steady, providing a grip and making it easy for you to cut it.

3. Do you need a corded one or a cordless one?

If you work in an area where you can not have access to the outlet or electricity, cordless is a thing for you, but cordless circular saws are less potent than corded ones. You will also have less duration for cutting work, and the depth of cut is also compromised.

Final Verdict

If you are a fan of DIY or are into construction or a carpenter, the circular saw is a must for you as it takes away the strain from your shoulders and hands and makes the cutting job for you effortless and comfortable. However, the best strategy is to buy anything; you should first equip yourself with its reviews and how other people had experience with a particular model or brand.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty circular saw, then straight away, go for the Bosch GKS 190. On the other hand, the Meterk MKSc02 is budget-friendly, but it lacks power. However, if you want a potent and reliable circular saw without worrying about the budget, then Makita HS7601J is ideal for you.


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