Best Chainsaw Gloves Uk – For Every Budget

best chainsaw glovesA very important aspect of using a chainsaw is to make sure that all the safety measures are taken. A little slip of the hand can cause grave injuries to the user and ruin the overall experience of using a chainsaw. When using most equipment, you are advised to do complete PPE (personal protection equipment) to make sure that any possible incidents do not end up causing you harm.

One of the articles in the PPE for when you are using a chainsaw are the chainsaw gloves. Now, there is a large variety of chainsaw gloves out there. However, you need to make sure that you purchase the best ones. There are certain factors that decide what makes a great pair of chainsaw gloves. Protection, durability and comfort are only some of these factors.

To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of amazing gloves with the key features listed to help you make a decision.

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Best Chainsaw Gloves Uk Reviews

1. OREGON 91305L Chainsaw Gloves – Best Overall

OREGON 91305L Chainsaw Gloves

This pair of gloves has a comfortable left-hand design that allows chainsaw users to wear it all day if required. This is necessary for long-term projects where protection cannot be ignored. The material is smooth leather that fits in the user’s hand perfectly.

The material of the gloves is extra thick to provide an adequate layer of protection. Additionally, there is a close wrist feature that ensures no hanging material that catches onto the machine or picks up any dust.

The palm side of the gloves is enhanced for maximum grip. It is difficult to handle a chainsaw with gloves that are slippery, it may cause an unwanted slip. These gloves ensure proper grip on the chainsaw each time.

All in all the Oregon 91305l is one of the best chainsaw gloves available in UK market.

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  • Visible material for ease and safety
  • Grip enhancement
  • Extra thick material
  • Comfortable enough fit to wear all-day
  • The additional layer of protection can cause a little bit of discomfort on the fingers.

2. Vgo 1 Pair Chainsaw Gloves, 12-Layer Chainsaw Protection

Vgo 1 Pair Chainsaw Gloves

The material used in these pairs of gloves is goat leather which is perfect for a couple of hours of use. There are a variety of sizes that help them fit perfectly onto your hands. This is so that no material is hanging that can possibly snag in the chainsaw.

As opposed to most 3-layered chainsaw protection gloves, this pair comes with 12 layers of material to provide maximum protection. This helps prevent injuries if, in case, the hand slips and comes in contact with the saw.

This is also a durable choice that is perfect for industrial and commercial work. You can use it in almost any project and are meant to last you a long time.

  • Affordable pair of chainsaw gloves
  • 12 layer protection
  • Grip enhancement
  • Keeps out all the dust that flies about
  • Too much material can accumulate and make it difficult to use
  • Needs breaking in

3. Stein Forestry Protective Chainsaw Gloves With Left Hand Protection

Stein Forestry Protective Chainsaw Gloves

The Stein Forestry Gloves are made with soft leather that is not too harsh on the hands. The material allows you to use it for a couple of hours if need be. Additionally, there is a close wrist feature that works to prevent any dust from entering the glove and make the glove fit perfectly onto your hands.

The multi-layer material with high tenacity fibres works to offer the best sort of protection against dangerous chainsaw work.

The fingers and palm of the gloves have rubber enhancement to ensure perfect grip and left-hand protection.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Made with soft leather
  • Can withhold several hours of work
  • Multi-Layered for better protection
  • Grip enhancement
  • The rubber material may stick sometimes

4. Oregon 295399M Chainsaw Protective Gloves

Oregon 295399M Chainsaw Gloves

Made from smooth leather built to fit on the user’s hands perfectly. There is also a close wrist design that ensures a tight fit and a barrier against all dust and bits of material.

The material of the glove is cut-proof and is designed to be used in all weather conditions. There are no exposed seams that can cause problems

There is high visibility of the gloves to provide ease and safety. Additionally, the gloves are supposed to last a long time so it’s well worth your money.

  • High visibility
  • Cut-proof material suitable for all weathers
  • Grip enhancement
  • Only comes in a medium size

5. OREGON 295395 XL 4 Way Stretch Leather Chainsaw Protective Gloves

OREGON 295395 Chainsaw Glove

The super-comfortable material of the glove is suited to long hours of wear. There is also a strap around the wrist that helps to secure the glove to the hand and prevent any unwanted elements from entering the glove,

The palm and the fingers areas have been enhanced to ensure that the grip of the glove on the chainsaw is excellent. Additionally, it helps with keeping control of the chainsaw.

These gloves are made with the most durable material. With easy stretch and cut-proof technology, they are designed to handle all kinds of wear and tear.

  • High-quality material
  • Grip enhancement
  • Close-wrist feature
  • Comfortable to use
  • The dye of the glove may leak when wet

6. Stihl B00008831510 Genuine Standard Chainsaw Gloves

Stihl B00008831510 Chain Saw Gloves

These gloves are made with a combination of leather and cloth. Super comfortable and easy to wear for a couple of hours.

There is cut-protection in both hands of the gloves to protect the user from all sorts of injuries and accidents. Additionally, there is an elasticated wrist that secures the glove to the hand and keeps all unwanted things out of it.

The combination of materials that constitute the gloves ensure its longevity. These gloves are designed to put up with all sorts of wear and tear and keep your chainsaw activities safe for a long time.

  • Comfortable wear
  • Cut protection technology in both hands
  • Elasticated wrist for security
  • Durable and long lasting material
  • There may be a difficulty in sizing, make sure to review thoroughly.

Buying Guide for The Best Chainsaw Gloves

Any of the aforementioned gloves would be a good choice. However, there are certain aspects that make one greater than the other.

Colour and Design

You could either find a fault in the colour or the design. It is always a good idea to go for a brightly coloured glove for higher visibility. If however, you are not fond of bright colours, then the OREGON 295395 is the way to go. It has a sleek black look that is perfect for your needs.


Additionally, even the material matters a lot when going for a pair of chainsaw protection gloves.

The Vgo 1 Pair Chainsaw Gloves are multi-layered gloves that are super thick. The 12 layers of material make it a bulky and protected pair of gloves. Whereas, the Stihl B00008831510 Chainsaw Gloves are a combination of leather and cloth that makes it much less bulky but just as protective.

Gripping Power

It is always a good idea to make sure that the gloves you purchase have grip enhancement on the palm and the fingers. This is to help you stay safe and not have the chainsaw slip out of your hands. Grip enhancement offers more operational control to your work.

The Stein Forestry Protective Chainsaw Gloves are sleek and come with palm and finger reinforcement for extra safety, much like the OREGON 295395.

Now, based on your preferences of the material and how thick your gloves need to be, you can go ahead and make a decision as to what suits you best.


1. What kind of gloves should you use when using a chainsaw?

Chainsaw gloves are very important when operating chainsaws as they help protect you from any incidents that may result in injury. That is why it is important to make sure that the gloves you choose have all the qualities that constitute a great pair of protective gloves. Your perfect glove pair will be comfortable, durable, and will protect you against all odds. The comfort factor is due to the fact that you need to be at ease when using a chainsaw and a stiff glove will do everything to prevent that. The pair also needs to be durable and last you a long time.

2. Are chainsaw gloves worth it?

Anything that protects you from danger is always worth it. No amount of money matters when it comes to safety. Moreover, most gloves out there are durable and are designed to be operational for a substantial amount of time. Clearly, it is money well spent when it protects you from injury and you will not have to change it every few months.


After reviewing most of what has been stated above, it is safe to say that everyone who works with a chainsaw needs to invest in a good pair of chainsaw protection gloves. This is so that you can have peace of mind when working with your piece of equipment. Confidence in your safety can go a long way in making sure that the end result of your project is marvellous.

Our recommendation for the best chainsaw gloves is Oregon Chainsaw Left-Hand protection gloves as this pair is comfortable to wear, and provides extra safety and perfect grip.

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