DEWALT DWS774 Mitre Saw Review – Is it Worth to Buy?

dewalt dws774-gb mitre saw

Total Score: 9.4/10
Easy to use
Value for money

Are you looking for good quality and affordable mitre saws? Then, the DEWALT DWS774-GB 216-mm slide mitre saw is just the appliance for you. Second to the DW777, this equipment is affordable and highly resourceful, along with a few additional features that amp up its reputation.

The Dewalt DWS774 combines all astounding features needed in a mitre saw along with a look that defeats all other appliances. The black and yellow combinations add a classy look to your shed.

Major Features

Certain features result in the vogue of this appliance and are the reason that people seek the DWS774 over all the other mitre saws.


Speed‎4500 RPM
Weight12 kg
Blade Length216 Millimetres
Cutting Depth70 Millimetres
Power Source‎Corded Electric
Warranty3 Years
Price Check Price

Motor Power

One of the major reasons the Dewalt DWS744 is so popular is the top tier motor it contains. Although there is no option where you can go cordless with this saw, the 110-volt version works best when in use on the site. It also comes with a 230-volt version that is overall a preferable option.

When comparing to the DWS7773, the motor has an upgrade of 1400 watts rather than the former 1300 watt input. The increased power allows smooth cutting of hardwoods and the occasional metals. The new watt power is sufficient for most projects, although if you’re looking to find saws with increased power, then the new DWS777 would be suitable.

The Blade

The marvellous blade intends to cut wood in a method that very few saws do. With a 216mm diameter and 30-inch bore, it is effortless to acquire additional blades for making cuts of different densities and strengthened materials.

Despite the plus point, one would observe that other mitre saws would offer more versatile designs on the blades. However, it is easy to overlook when all the features of the DWS774 come together and make a great appliance.

Cutting Potential

The cutting potential of the DWS774 allow cuts of up to 250mm by 62mm at a 90-degree angle setup. The minimal cut made has dimensions of 198mm by 48mm at a 45-degree angle.

These measurements vary, and the cuts made can be sufficient for the majority of the projects.


In addition to the cost-effective branding of this equipment, it is clear that its portability is a huge advantage. Weighing at a good 13 kilos, it is painless to lug around sites and complicated projects. The handles only add to the feature and make it easier to carry around. The convenient height and width of 590mm and 490mm respectively allow them to store away easily.

The XPS Shadow

The latest update on the new Dewalt saws is the XPS shadow line guide. This feature allows the cutting to be unbelievably accurate. The shadow expressed by the blade and not a separate seam does not need an alignment the way a laser system does. This allows the model to be loftier as compared to the other guide systems present for purchase.


There is an XPS shadow attribute that adds to the precision of the cut made. When comparing to other mitre saws, this feature is a huge advantage when wanting acute cuts and working on smaller projects. The precision of the cut is necessary when looking to purchase such an appliance, which is why the Dewalt DWS774 is one of the best mitre saws in terms of the accuracy of the cuts.

Dust Collection

Another benefit of the new Dewalt DWS774 is that the dust is directly picked up off of the surface of the cut instead of having to carry separate dust blowing machine. This feature also reduces the mess made in the area of use and therefore, makes it easier to clean up.


The lightweight quality of this machine is a major benefit when looking to purchase a mitre saw. Instead of having to carry a large saw and going through the trouble, it is preferable to have one that allows you to carry it to different sites and projects. This eliminates the need of going to the workshop for even the most minor cuts made.

Value for Money

Along with quality comes a great price. The price is astounding for the features provided, and it only gets better. Competing with most mitre saws out there, the Dewalt DWS774 has a great value for money and is super cost-effective.

There are other models out there that are cheaper, but there is no guarantee that the quality provided will be top-notch, unlike the Dewalt, which is to deliver its promise of great quality at an affordable price.

Easy Storage

As mentioned before, the dimensions of this equipment make it unfathomably easy to store and keep away. Most large chop saws always seem to be in the way after purchasing, but the Dewalt DWS774 ensures that will not be a problem in any sense of the word. This portability and storage is a big plus point for people looking to purchase a mitre saw.


It is safe to say that the good outweighs the rare bad there is in this saw. Customers have loved the appliance and its features. The price is affordable, and the features that come with it are astonishing. Compared to the other saws out there, this saw is perfect for big projects on complicated sites as well as for commercial use. The portability is an added bonus to all the benefits that come with most saws. The additional and brand-new features that are rare to see only add to all the reasons why this saw is the one to go for.

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  1. Just bought this saw for 2nd workshop. Its a good saw in that it does the job and doesn’t take up too much space. But – who designed the handle and controls? I’ve got big hands but even I have difficulty holding in the back lever, pressing the lock button and pressing the trigger at the same time. Its awkward and unnecessary. Pity it not a decent design like the bigger deWalt saws.


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