Metabo KGS216M Sliding Mitre Saw Review – Is it Worth Buying?

metabo kgs216m mitre saw


Total Score: 9.6/10
Easy to use
Value for money

In case you are looking for a Sliding mitre saw that does not miss a single beat and works like laser cutting for you, Metabo KGS216M is the saw to go for.

For cutting woods at a professional level, we need Sliding mitre saws that provide high-speed cutting capacity. Along with that, we must look into the quality, weight, swing speed, and accuracy of the Sliding mitre saw.

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Metabo is the top leader of the cutting tools and Metabo KGS216M is its manifestation. It is a well-built compound mitre saw that has a sturdy and strong construction.  It comes with long-lasting features and easy-to-use options that a layman can have almost perfect cuts without a big hassle.

Maybe you are wondering about how it works and what its features are. Let’s dive deep into its workability.

Metabo KGS216M In-Depth Review


ProductMetabo KGS216M
Dimensions82 x 42 x 38 cm
Speed‎4500 RPM
Cutting Depth65mm
Weight13.5 kg
Warranty3 Years
Price Check Price

The Metabo KGS216M sliding mitre saw is an impressive cutting tool that can help you cut the wood like a knife in butter. It has an amazing cutting capacity, a unique design, plus it gives precise angle adjustment. This mitre saw has a dual input voltage capacity of 240 volts, which enables you to cut different materials. Also, the motor output power of 1500 watts offers you great power for cutting different types of materials such as timber, plastic, etc. Featuring a powerful motor, allows you to use the cutter for a long period without any issue.

In addition to this, the Metabo mitre saw offers you a good cutting width of 305mm (12 inches). It cuts the hard and large wood planks with ease and gives you smooth sliding with better quality. Moreover, it comes with a precise turntable, so that you can have precise and accurate planks of materials. Last but not least, this cutter has a cutting depth of 65mm (2.5 inches). Following are the dimensions of this mitre saw 82 x 42 x 38 cm. The company also offers some additional accessories along with the cutter for better working. An effective dust bag is also present along with a mitre saw.


Cutting blades 

This cutter comes with an 8 inches blade, and a 40 tooth blade that gives you better quality round-shaped cuts. Moreover, it also offers more cutting blades for different shapes.

Additional accessories 

Amazingly, the brand offers some additional accessories suitable for cutter including 1 MPTKGS216M KGS 216M 200mm, 8in Sliding Mitre Saw, Carbide circular saw blade, 2 Table length extensions, 1 Workpiece clamp, 1 Tool for saw blade change, 1 Dust extraction adaptor, 1 Laser, 1 High guide prof.


The output power of 1500 watts increases the worth of this mitre saw. It provides you with a good power to cut different materials easily such as timber, plastic, and coated panels. Moreover, this high power also allows you to use the saw for the long term without any issue.

Cutting depth

We can easily cut different materials up to the depth of 65mm (2.5 inches). This depth is perfect for large construction work. It also cuts the fine pieces of large and hard timber material. A plus point is its cutting width is 12 inches.


The most noticeable feature of this mitre saw is its versatility. This saw can cut various materials including wood, plastic, and coated panels up to different widths and depths and in different shapes.

Accurate cutting 

This mitre saw allows you to have perfect angle cuttings with help of a precise turntable.

Working light 

Along with all the above-mentioned features, this Metabo saw also features a working light for good vision in low light. With the help of this light, it helps you to work even in dark properly.

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  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Good cutting depth
  • Accurate cutting
  • Working light
  • Additional accessories
  • Dual voltage
  • High output power
  • Various cutting blades
  • Cover huge space

How to use a Metabo KGS216M

Using a mitre saw is not rocket science, however, you need to know the basics. By knowing the basics you will not hurt yourself and get perfect cut woods. Here is a guide on how to use a mitre saw:

  1. Place it on a table and make sure the table has enough space.
  2. Already know basics?  Jump on the third step. We would recommend reading the manual to have some knowledge about the mitre saw.
  3. The saw will have a cover, take it off and try rocking it up and down. So that you can get used to the movement.
  4. Take a piece of wood that needs to be cut.
  5. Place it at an angle you want it to be cut. There will be angle measurement on the mitre saw. You can adjust the wood piece accordingly.
  6. Make sure to keep the hands far from the saw at all times!
  7. There you go, cut more pieces and have a precise cut wood collection or frames.

Worried about the wooden dust mess? Well for your convenience and your health mitre saw has a cover for protection. It comes with a dust bag that is attached to the backside of the saw. It keeps the area safe and hygienic.

What to consider?

During the purchase of a perfect mitre saw, we have to consider some factors necessary for working the saw. Following are some factors you should check:


The first most important factor you must consider is the quality of the blade of the saw. Good quality blades give you a fine and smooth cut. Blades that are not of good quality can damage the material. They also give inaccurate cutting and do not last for a long time.

Motor power 

The second necessary factor to check in a saw is the power of the motor. A motor with high output power allows you to have better quality cutting and makes the device versatile.

Safety features 

The safety features are also important to check in a saw. As we know that this mitre saw works on high voltage so it must have a safety feature that keeps us safe from electric shocks.


1. What is the cost of a mitre saw? 

Normally, a mitre saw costs are ranging between £60 to £800. Here is some mitre saw with different prices:

  • Compound mitre saw costs around £100
  • Sliding blades mitre saw costs around £125
  • Dual-levels mitre saw costs around £200
  • Professional level mitre saw costs around £500

2. Can we cut 4×4 with a mitre saw? 

Yes! We can cut 4×4 pieces with a mitre saw because the mitre saw has a wide motion range and you can easily tilt the head of the mitre saw. So, the cutting capacity of the device increases.

3. Gives the advantages of sliding mitre saw? 

The sliding mitre saw has the following advantages:

  • It can easily make bevels at any angle
  • This is versatile for different materials
  • The length of cutting can be increased


Overall, I will recommend this mitre saw for professional-level working. As it is a versatile cutter for different materials. Moreover, this mitre saw is quite portable and easy to use for a long time. It features high power, smooth cutting, various cutting blades, additional accessories that make it worthy of money. So, if you want to buy an affordable mitre saw for your professional work you can check this without any doubt!


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