Best Bandsaw Reviews Uk – Top 7 Models Compared

best bandsaws in ukA band saw is basically a type of power saw consisting of sharp and long blades. The blades further consist of a continuous band with a metal that is toothed. This toothed metal is stretched between multiple wheels, which helps to cut any materials that come in contact. Band saws are generally used for wood cutting and metal cutting.

However, the band saw is a tool of all jobs. It can be used to cut any material, be it stubborn or not. What makes a band saw extraordinary are its balanced cutting results. Further, it holds the ability to cut irregularly shaped materials as well, which is quite impressive. This tool requires an engine to perform, and its power is measured in Amps.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of the current best Band saw available in the UK market.

Best Bandsaw Reviews Uk 2022

These band saws are the best in the business, and they won’t disappoint you by any means. Instead, work better than your expectations. Following is the list of the best band saws available in the market:-

1. Einhell TC-SB 200/1 4308018 200 mm Band Saw

Einhell TC-SB 4308018 200 mm Band SawThe Einhell TC-SB 200 is one of the most preferred band saws currently available in the market. It provides way better results than what a person would expect of its price, which is the main reason for its preference. Einhell is famous for the quality of its products and features given the fact they have low-cost products available too in their line. No matter the price, Einhell never compromises on the quality and features. This Band saw is also included in powerful band saws as it holds a powerful motor of 250W.

The engine of the Einhell TC-SB 200 must be praised as it assures a flawless cutting operation that impresses the majority of the users. It also holds an optimal load speed which produces cuts with perfect precision.

One of the most important things when it comes to band saws is the table. People mostly don’t compromise on tables as they want to be comfortable. Einhell does just that. The Einhell TC-SB 200 comes with a 305x305mm table that has more than enough room for its users, resulting in successful operation.

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Although the Einhell TC-SB 200 is a pocket-friendly band saw, as mentioned before, Einhell never compromises on the essential features of its products. Regardless of its price, the Band saw comes with a push stick which provides safety. Furthermore, it provides a ball-bearing guide and a parallel stop, making it a perfect machine for young DIY blokes.

  • Easy to use.
  • Value for money.
  • Provides accurate results.
  • Variable speed.
  • Requires regular cleaning.

2. Record Power BS250 Benchtop Band saw

Record Power BS250 Benchtop BandsawBS250 benchtop Band saw is currently one of the best band saws available in the uk market. The features it possesses are worth the money. The record power BS250 Benchtop band saw is designed for bench mounting.

It features a blade length of approximately 7 & ½ inches, which is perfect for it to do the job. Nothing stands in front of this blade. The blade width capacity is around ¼ – ½ inches, making it easier for the Band saw to cut broader materials quickly. The blade rotates at a speed of 740 meters per minute which destroys any material that comes in contact with the blade.

The record power BS250 has dynamically balanced band wheels, allowing it to stay balanced while working. Also, the wheels provide ease of moving the Band saw, which is appreciable and highly regarded.

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Record Power BS250 Benchtop Band saw also comes with a cast iron table with enough room that makes it comfortable for users. It also comes with an induction motor that produces immense power.

  • Value for money
  • Easy to tune
  • Well made
  • Powerful Band saw
  • The Band saw is a little heavy.

3. Lumberjack BS254 10″ Woodworking Band saw

Lumberjack BS254 10” Woodworking BandsawThe lumberjack BS254 is a perfect machine for large cutting capacity. All praise to its powerful 375 W induction motor, which allows optimal performance. It comes with three sealed bearings which allow precise cuts every single time. The cast iron table of the Lumberjack BS254 can tilt in the wide range of 90-45 degrees which is quite helpful.

It also comes with a clear marker that can be set against its metric scale. If you want to cut thicker surfaces, you can take help from its 60 mm full face height. However, if you wish to cut thinner strips, you can set it accordingly by fitting the fence with a small face.

The lumberjack BS254 also features two doors that are fitted with safety locks. This safety feature is highly regarded as it can automatically turn off the engine when the doors are left open for blade changing or cleaning.

It also comes with a dust collection outlet that has 3 rings. This allows it to accept three hose sizes of diameter 100 mm, 75mm, and 50mm. This feature allows it to be compatible with most of the extraction systems.

  • Large enough cutting capacity.
  • Comes with a dust collection outlet.
  • Safety lock feature.
  • Three sealed bearings.
  • The blade quality is slightly on the lower side.

4. Dewalt DCS371N-XJ – Best Portable Bandsaw

Dewalt DCS371N-XJ BandsawIf you do not like heavy machines, then the Dewalt DCS3771N is the right choice for you. It is one of the few portable and lightweight band saws available in the market currently. It weighs only 4kg, and the measurement is 40 x 40 x 23 cm. you can take the idea for its measurements as to how easy it would be to carry the Dewalt DCS371N.

This portable Band saw comes with a powerful engine of 460 W that produces immense power. The speed of the blade is measured at 174 rotations per minute, which is quite decent. Thanks to its power and speed, it provides smooth cuts.

The Dewalt portable band saw comes with an 835mm blade with a hanging hook. You will not be experiencing any problem in handling this machine. It is a highly lightweight and well-balanced machine.

Last but not least, this portable Band saw is powered by 18 v batteries which allow operating it without cords. This feature makes it easier for users who like hassle-free machines. This machine’s cutting depth is not as high as compared to other machines, which is the only downside we found.

  • Beautiful portable design.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight and well made.
  • Much lower cutting depth.

5. Draper 13773 Two Wheel Band Saw – Budget Friendly

Draper 13773 Two Wheel Band sawThe Draper 13773 is a perfect delicate machine that provides beautiful and precise cuts. It is measured at 366 x 281 x 735 mm while it weighs about 19kg. It can provide deep cuts of about 225 mm, which is quite impressive. The throat on the machine is somewhere about 200 mm in width.

The Draper 13773 Two-wheel band saw is equipped with a powerful engine of 250 w, which is the real reason for its precise cutting results. The blade speed on this machine is just impeccable. It has a blade speed of 900 meters per minute.

In the current times, no band saw is acceptable if it does not obtain safety features. The Draper 13773 comes with an emergency stop button. In case you have to stop the machine immediately, this button will do its job quite well.

In addition to the safety features, this machine comes with many other add-ons which make it unique. It includes a push stick as well as a hex key. Not to forget it is equipped with a spanner and rip fence. The only downside of this machine is that it is not suitable for heavy-duty work as it produces vibrations through the un-solid table.

  • Impressive deep cuts.
  • 200 mm wide throat.
  • 6 mm TPI blade.
  • Safety stops feature.
  • Unstable table

6. Silver line 441563 350W – Best Small Band Saw

Silverline 441563 350W BandsawIf you are looking for affordable band saws, then the Silver line 441563 is one of the best options available for you in the market. Do not let the price of this machine fool you. The machine works better than how it sounds from its price point of view. It is loaded with a bunch of impressive features.

First, let us talk about its powerful induction motor of 350 W. It provides just enough speed to do the job well. It also has a no-load speed of 1450 rotations per minute which provides impressive and precise cuts with a depth of 80mm.

The Silver Line 441563 Band saw also comes with an outstanding table that can be lifted or tilted up to 45 degrees for a perfect bevel cutting. The Band saw has a 1425 mm blade and a converter plug that helps to get the best cutting results.

The Silver line is purposely designed compactly to save room space. You can find an instruction guide and mitre gauge, which turn out to be helpful. The only downfall we found on this machine is that it is hard to fix the bench from any movement.

  • Value for money.
  • Delivers impeccable cuts.
  • Powerful induction motor.
  • Sturdy table.
  • Difficult to get a tight bench.

7. Lumberjack BS200 8″ Woodworking Band saw

Lumberjack BS200 Woodworking BandsawYou don’t have to empty your bank to get a band saw that works beautifully and provides beautiful results. Lumberjack BS200 is the evidence for that claim. It is one of the most affordable machines that are currently available. We don’t know how the company is making any profit as this machine’s result does not look any closer to its price.

The Lumberjack BS200 comes with a 250 W induction motor, which is quite impressive off its price; the motor generates enough energy to get the job done. This machine is highly compatible with the woodwork.

It provides a maximum cutting depth of 80mm, which is obviously not close to the other expensive machines, but it is enough to produce some impeccable wood cutting results. It is also equipped with a robust guide fence.

The Band saw has LED work lights equipped in it, which guides If working in the dark. The machine comes with a blade length of 1490 mm, which is perfect, even better than other band saws.

  • Good value for money.
  • Compactly designed.
  • Well made.
  • Perfect for small jobs.
  • Initial setup could be time-consuming.

Buying Guide for Bandsaw

In general, there are two varieties of band saws: those that are mounted on a stationary base (suited for workshop use) and portable band saws that can be brought anywhere – but you should stay on-site!

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1) Stationary band saws

These saws are mounted on a base at a convenient working height or on a table, where they can even be placed on a trolley or workstation (which is especially practical for work sites).

2) Portable band saws

This style of band saw is operated with two handles and is designed to work around a piece of wood. When a machine is moveable, the operator moves it along the workpiece; when it is stationary, the workpiece is led through it.

Benefits of Stationary Band Saws

The lightest stationary machines weigh around 20 kilograms, while the heaviest versions can weigh over 500 kilograms. Stationary band saws are built to be used on a regular basis, which justifies a permanent installation in the workshop. It’s critical to provide enough room in front, and behind stationary machinery, so you can handle the wood you’re cutting. These saws include a variety of characteristics that vary depending on the model (cutting height, power, table width, etc.). When making your decision, keep the following aspects in mind.

The band saw tables can be tilted up to 40 degrees and come with the option of a rip fence. Keep in mind that the larger the table, the easier it will be to work with your materials.

The engine is positioned beneath the table and is used to drive the belts that revolve the wheels, which then drive the blade. Band saws typically have two blades; however, larger machines may have three. Cork or rubber is used to cover the wheels. The motor can be single-phase or three-phase, and the power rating varies based on the size and features of the saw.

Cutting height
The throat capacity, which is the space between the table and the end of the structure that guides the saw blade, determines the cutting height. To select a band saw, you must first identify the greatest height you will be cutting, whether it is 100 mm, 150 mm, or even 550 mm.

The speed range of the bands
Variable speeds are available on band saws, depending on the workpiece being cut. Machines, on the other hand, are normally limited to two speeds. The band speed is commonly expressed in meters per minute (MPM) or feet per minute (FPM), and it is usually between 800 and 1000 MPM.

Safety band saws have an on/off switch with a safety key to start your machine safely. Some band saws also have an emergency stop button that can immediately shut down the machine in an emergency.

Benefits of Portable Band Saws

Even though the principle is the same, a portable band saw is not the same as a stationary band saw! This saw is smaller and weighs between 6 and 15 kg. Because portable band saws are frequently equipped with a blade tensioning mechanism, changing the blade is simple. Portable band saws are used in carpentry because they can make overhead cuts. They’re mostly utilised for angled or bevel cuts, as well as chamfered cuts that run the length of a hardwood workpiece. As a result, they often have a second handle so that two people may handle them.

They have an electric motor that the mains or batteries can power. Current and ampere per hour determine the motor’s capacity and power; the greater the values, the better the machine! They usually come with 18 V 3 or 4 Ah batteries. These lithium-ion batteries charge quickly (in around 30 minutes) and come with two, so you’ll always have a backup.

Cutting Height
Portable band saws have a lower cutting height than stationary band saws, with a maximum of 310 mm. This is related to the tool’s design. On the other hand, some models have a blade that can swivel up to 30 degrees, allowing you to reach a little deeper into the wood.

Width of the blade
The blade widths available with these instruments are restricted, ranging between 6 and 15 mm.

The pace can also be modified depending on the material you’re working with.


1. What is the best DIY Band saw?

Lumberjack Professional Band saw is one of the top four greatest band saws we’ve reviewed.

2. How thick can a band saw cut?

When it comes to cutting curves and slicing through thick material, band saws are on another level. Many small band saws can cut through four-inch-thick lumber, while larger saws can make six-inch cuts.

3. What is resawing on a band saw?

On a band saw, resawing is the process of cutting a sawn plank of wood into narrower planks.

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