Makita LS1018L Slide Compound Mitre Saw In-Depth Review

MAtika LS1018L Mitre saw review

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As a woodworking contractor, a fantastic addition to your arsenal is the power tool MAKITA LS1018L. This extraordinary cross-cut power mitre saw can help you complete many projects with ease. Some of the experiences of industry experts are shared with you in this article to help you educate yourself in detail about MAKITA LS1018L mitre saw unique features, advantages, and drawbacks.

The Features

The MAKITA LS1018L mitre saw is a blue-coloured motorized version with a blade speed of 4300 RPM (rotations per minute). It has an Ergonomic rubberized D-shaped handle designed for better fit and added comfort while operating.  The attached power cord is 2.5 meters long. It has a linear ball bearing system engineered to deliver accurate cuts.

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The attached blade is 260 millimetres wide with a 30-millimetre bore. The maximum mitre range you can cut with this tool is 60 degrees to 47 degrees. The maximum bevel angle you can achieve with this is 45 degrees that’s quite impressive. Following is a list of items you will find while unpacking a new set of MAKITA LS1018L;

What's in the box
  • 1x MAKITA LS1018L
  • Kerf Block
  • TCT Saw Blade
  • Triangular rule
  • Vertical Vice
  • Holder Set
  • Socket Wrench

According to experts’ opinion about this state-of-the-art power tool, you can trustfully utilize it for crown moulding installations, finish carpenters, baseboard installations, cabinet and furniture making, wooden floor installation, deck building, general construction, and much more.

The weight of this beast is 26 Kilograms, so it’s pretty lightweight as well. 82.5×53.6×63.3 cm are its space dimensions. It has an electric brake along with an oversized trigger switch. Do you know that its blade guard is also transparent? This makes your life much easier for line cuts.

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The auxiliary safety system attached to this machine is also quite impressive. Many reviews are available where people share their stories of how they completed a deck-building, general construction, making furniture, or utilizing this tool for cutting tubes and pipes.

All small-scale maintenance projects involving repairing window frames, laying laminate floors, and sitting can be completed efficiently due to MAKITA LS1018L’s presence. You will be flabbergasted to discover the pull function of MAKITA LS1018L, which is realized by the double tube. The roller bearings are joined to the rear swivel joint through this tube. You can never produce any low-quality blur works while using this saw.


ProductMAKITA LS1018L
TypeDual Compound Sliding Miter Saw
Blade Diameter260mm
Speed4300 RPM
Weight26 kg
Batteries RequiredNo
Warranty2 Years
Price Check Price

The Working

Do you know that you can adjust MAKITA on a turntable effortlessly? The motorized MAKITA contains a rotating circular saw blade for slicing several kinds of materials. The turntable needs to be adjusted following the required angle for cut. After adjusting the turntable to either a preset degree that is 0, 22.5, 45, or 60, the inclination angle is set, and the safety lever is released. You can read the operation manual to read in detail the execution processes.

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Moreover, there is an additional voucher inside the box for claiming another saw blade for free.

The Advantages

Let us now discuss the benefits of MAKITA LS1018L. The benefits are explained below for your convenience;

The Pull Function

You must have read in the features section about this pull function. This pull function allows you to push down and pull the saw a bit forward easily. It means that you can cut larger and wider planks of wood quickly. You know you can cut 31 cm wide planks with the MAKITA LS1018L.

The Laser

Another very lucrative feature is the laser light which runs on Lithium-ion batteries. As expected, the laser beam produces a straight line over which the saw blade runs to shear through the wood. After marking the wood pieces, planks, or logs with a pencil, just align them with the laser beam to cut precisely without any mistake.


If you have worked with a power tool, you must have noticed a sudden jerk felt as soon as the machine is turned on. Thanks to the soft start technology, the MAKITA starts very smoothly when turned on, with the blade running slowly initially. The soft-start feature thus allows you to better control and grip the saw.

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The Engine Brakes

A safety brake is built-in the machine to avoid any harm to yourself while operating MAKITA. The push-button is required to be continuously pressed while using the saw; if by any chance the push button is deactivated, the engine brake will turn off the machine, and the saw blade will become stationary. In this way, the risk of any chance of injury to your hand is minimized.

The Freedom of movement

Do you know you can tilt the cross-cut saw head to both horizontal and vertical planes with the MAKITA? This tool is exceptionally adjustable, eliminating the need to tilt the beam or plank for minor cuts.

The Wide Blade

As the Makita LS1018L is equipped with a 260-millimetre wide blade the user can easily cut beams up to 9 centimetres deep. The large blade of MAKITA is indeed quite helpful.

Dust Bag

The dust bag feature of  MAKITA is amazing. One can easily connect the dust bag with a vacuum cleaner hose and all the sawdust is easily removed from the woodworking site. It improves the quality of work a lot.

The Cons

Experts feel overwhelmed while discussing the cons because there aren’t many associated with the MAKITA LS1018L. The first drawback is the supply of only one additional blade with MAKITA. In case you plan on cutting metal with MAKITA order a new blade right away. The next element that annoys users is no provision for undercarriage or chassis, you may say. It means that while sawing, the machine needs to be put on the ground, or you can use a turntable.


The MAKITA LS1018L is a little bit expensive mitre saw but its features and durability justify its price. If you have a high budget then we will highly recommend purchasing this machine for ease and accuracy and bringing up the level of your game, as this mitre saw is a game-changer!

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