Dewalt DCD796 Combi Drill Review – Is it Worth Buying?

dewalt dcd796 drill

Total Score: 9.3/10
Easy to use
Battery life
Value for money

Cordless drills are handy DIY tools that can be used to perform everyday tasks around the house. Despite not having maximum torque or incredible power, they are still powerful enough to perform daily tasks that have been bothering you in your house for a long time. They are battery-powered drills and some of them come with a hammer feature. DEWALT DCD796N is a compact combi hammer that is famous for its fast drilling, lightweight, and longer battery timings. In case you want to look into the details of this hammer, let’s have a quick review of it.


ProductDEWALT DCD796
Dimensions10 x 10 x 10 mm
Weight1 kg
Speed500-2000 RPM
Battery Power4.0 Ah
Warranty3 Years
Price Check Price

The DEWALT DCD697N is a compact combi drill capable of coping with jobs that you need with incredible power. It delivers high-speed rotation that provides enough power to drill holes and other tasks that require force. The most notable feature of this drill is that it is lightweight and compact while it delivers superior power. This ensures that the work you are doing is completed without putting strain on your body due to its lightweight. Also, you can easily reach places that are hard to reach as it is cordless and reduces fatigue while you work for long hours.

Furthermore, it provides a suitable amount of torque that is enough to perform heavy-duty work required in your home. You can also use it for other workloads outside of your home as it provides enough power for drilling holes in concrete, brick, masonry, and other hard surfaces.

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The battery it uses is of high quality and has a longer life than normal batteries and provides a power of up to 460 watts. It is easy to use as it comes with trigger and torque settings that allow you to adjust speed and torque. With a belt hook, magnetic bit holder, keyless chuck, your work would be extremely easy and productive.

It has 15 positions adjustable torque control to perform consistent screwing depending upon your work. Furthermore, it comes with a 3 position LED torch that you can use in case of low light or dark. The lithium-ion batteries are provided to efficiently work at a fast speed making your work productive and accurate.


Brushless Technology

This drill features brushless technology that automatically adjusts motor power according to the work you are doing to provide maximum efficiency. The more resistance it faces, the more power it uses, and less resistance results in less power usage.

Drill Driver With Hammer

It is a drill and hammer working together to deliver better results when you are doing your work. The extra power is from the hammer feature that pushes the drill like a hammer while it is working. It generates pulsing hammer action to fasten your work.

Adjustable Torque And Power

You can adjust power and torque to get your job done efficiently. You can change the speed from 500 to 2000 rpm and torque from 30 to 70Nm. This gives you a variety of options to perform different jobs by adjusting torque and power.

  • High and adjustable speed from 500 to 2000 RPM.
  • Enough torque to perform drilling with perfect accuracy.
  • Lightweight yet powerful.
  • Easy to use.
  • High-capacity batteries.
  • The grip comfort can be increased.
  • There is a torch feature that reduces the battery life and if you use it often you will find yourself recharging this drill most of the time.

Using DEWALT DCD796N Compact Combi Hammer

This drill comes with a rechargeable battery, a plug-in charger, and a kit that is used for drilling that contains drill bits for drilling holes and screwing purposes. Here are the bits that are used in this drill hammer:

  • Drill Bit: The front bit of the drill that is used to drill holes in wood, concrete, wall, or plaster.
  • Driver Bit: Used for driving screws into hard material.
  • Driver Guide: Used to hold screws in place and keep them straight while you are driving.
  • Insert Bit: Used for attaching driver bits.

The controls used in this drill hammer are:

  • Chuck: The place you insert a drill bit is called chuck and you have to hold a handgrip and press the trigger to open/close the chuck.
  • Trigger Switch: It is used to start the drill and you just have to hold it down.
  • Gear And Reverse Switch: The gear switch is for controlling the speed of the drill while the reverse switch is to control the direction of rotations.
  • Battery: To power up this drill, a battery is used.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What warranty comes with DEWALT DCD796N?

The DEWALT DCD796N has a 3-year warranty that covers most of the parts of this drill except the motor failure due to water, burns, etc.

2. What does “N” mean in DCD796N?

This means that you are only purchasing the body of the drill, not the battery packs. So, you have to be sure before buying one, if you either want only the body or the whole kit.


To summarize, the DEWALT DCD796N proves to be a handy DIY tool that despite being lightweight, provides enough power and torque to get the work done. With the hammering feature that comes with this drill, you can perform heavy-duty work with high accuracy. The battery timing is quite good if you don’t use the torch feature as it utilizes battery power excessively. Furthermore, the grip could be more comfortable if we are being picky and comparing it to other best drills with hammer features. Overall, this drill is the best compact hammer drill that you can find on the market.

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