Lumberjack TS250SL Table Saw In-Depth Review – Pros, Cons & Verdict

Lumberjack TS250SL Table Saw

Total Score: 8.1/10
Easy to use
Value for money

Today we are looking for a stunning table saw with sharp cutting functionality. Well, Lumberjack TS25SL can cut hardwood and hard coal with more flexibility and modern sharpness. Such a table saw can be more durable and lightweight and has low vibration operation. The leading brand Lumberjack has manufactured this robust, hand-picked best table saw at affordable prices.

This article will highlight the fantastic top features of the Lumberjack TS25SL table saw with extension. The table saw is sleek with an ergonomic design and is easy to use as per customer reviews. This saw has a multi-purpose use, meaning they can handle different woodworking materials in regular DIY projects. For more exciting details of this table saw with side extensions, keep reading below:

The main features

Lumberjack TS250SL table saw have a considerable number of features that make it more efficient among other saws. For interesting detail of them, let have a look at below:


ProductLumberjack TS250SL
Table size 642 X 226 X 28 mm
Speed5500 RPM
Weight`23.5 kg
Blade length250 mm
Number of teeth24
Power SourceCorded Electric
Price Check Price

Table saw Dimensions

The Lumberjack TS250SL table saw will give you great results without breaking the bank and give you months of regular use with 70 x 55 x 30 cm Dimensions. It has an adjustable stand in height as well as stability. It simplifies shipping or set-up and helps make them much more stable than they should credit.

In addition, it has stand extension as well as 642 X 226 X 28 mm Right extension and 642 X 226 X 28 mm Left extension. While steel frames are ideal for durability and heavy items, observing low-cost table saws with reinforced plastic stands is becoming more regular.

Efficient cutting

You may be cutting large pieces of hardwood or lightweight plywood to length quickly and efficiently 0 – 45 Degree Cutting Range with the help of your table saw. This type of saw can cut much easier with 1800W power and more efficiently with 5500 RPM speed.

A powerful motor with 5500 RPM speed cut through solid wood with the smooth result obtained. The higher the number of motor power as 1800W power then saw have excellent performance. Remember that faster-running motors have much less torque and are less helpful in processing hard materials like steel. So, while a high wattage is desirable, a high 5500 RPM Speed is less critical.

Perfect belt-drive system

First off, make sure it has a high enough belt feed with a 250 mm Blade length. The belt-drive system will allow you to easily switch between tables and save you a lot of money over time on your belt replacement or cleaning.

This table saw with 642 X 478 X 28 mm Table Size can have two slots and a 35mm Dust Port, one on each side of the blade. Determined by the size of the material, but whether you’re right or left-handed, you could use your mitre gauge for either slot. For square & angled cross cuts, the mitre gauge grabs the work at a specific angle.

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Furthermore, the fast belt-drive system and Rip capacity are dependent on how you intend to use your table saw. If you want to use your model for household DIY projects, a size of 22 inches will most likely suffice. If you intend to use your power drill on a job site, it must have 24 inches or greater rip capacity.

Quickly and safe cutting

You can easily cut through high-resolution substances with a full table size of 642 x 478mm. Also, there is a quick grip rip fence to assist you in quickly and safely cutting down more significant pieces. It is trying to make it heavier than required for tiny chunks.

The table saw with extension has 23.5 Kilograms weight.  It uses corded electricity as a power source while operating. The table saw has a 250 mm Blade length for extra sharp and rapid cutting. You can protect yourself using a riving knife with a glove if the table kicks back while you’re using it. Some of the best table saws also include a riving knife.

Adjustable cutting angles and height

With adjustable cutting angles and height of saw, you can cut a maximum depth of 0 degrees to 80mm and at 45 degrees to 65mm. This model’s full-length fence and cross stop with angle scale make it simple to use and configure.

When shopping for a new table saw, always consider the optimum cutting depth, usually expressed as two figures. One will be identified at a 0-degree angle, while the other would be listed at a 45-degree cutting angle.

Safety matters: To avoid the noisy table saw’s working experience, you can use the earmuffs to protect your ears from extra noise.

  • versatile cutting features with broad cuts
  • Fast 1,800W power capacity
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Dust extraction port
  • Carbide-tipped saw blade
  • Cross stop with the angle scale
  • Ineffective mitre angle as bulky
  • Not compatible with normal-sized accessories
  • Too heavy to handle

Final words

Everyone has wanted a table saw for their home. Our research found that everyone wants a separate saw from their regular table saw on different DIY projects. Finding the proper saw now cannot be more challenging as Lumberjack TS250SL.

When choosing a new table saw, you want to make sure that it will cut efficiently like Lumberjack 250mm TS250SL Table Saw. We hope you got our pick the best saw for your home based on its performance, features, and cost.

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