Best Makita Circular Saw Reviews – Top 8 Models Compared

best makita circular sawsA circular saw is basically a power-saw using a toothed blade or disc in order to cut into different types of materials. It used a rotatory motion rotating around an arbour. Circular saws are usually powered by electricity. Nonetheless, there are circular saws available that are powered by a fuel engine. Every person has a different taste; hence some people prefer engine-powered circular saws to be more assertive. On the other hand, some people consider electric powered circular saws to be more comfortable and easy to use.

As mentioned above, there are many kinds of saws available in the market. However, when it comes to circular saws- Makita circular saws lead the chart. They make the best quality circular saws that satisfy the buyers.

This article will take you through the best Makita circular saws available for you to shop. Also, we will make it easier for you to choose according to your taste by providing a comprehensive outlook of the products. So, without further ado, let’s just jump right into it.

Best Makita Circular Saw List

Makita DSS501Z☆☆☆☆☆ Check Price
Makita HS301DZ☆☆☆☆ Check Price
Makita DSS611Z☆☆☆☆☆ Check Price
Makita DHS680Z☆☆☆☆☆ Check Price
Makita 5008MGJ/2☆☆☆☆☆ Check Price
Makita HS7601J/2☆☆☆☆☆ Check Price
Makita DHS710ZJ☆☆☆☆☆ Check Price
Makita DRS780Z☆☆☆☆☆ Check Price

Best Makita Circular Saw Reviews

1. Makita DSS501Z 18V Li-Ion LXT 136mm Circular SawMakita DSS501Z 18V Li-Ion LXT 136mm Circular Saw

Makita DSS501Z circular saw is one of the best circular saws that you can find in today’s market. Moreover, it is also included in the top tier in Makita’s list. It comes with a 136 mm blade length, making it easier for the users to cut into rigid materials. The power of this circular saw takes its users to surprise.


Compact Design

The Makita DSS501Z circular saw is famous for its compact design. When asked by users what makes the Makita DSS501Z so unique, many people went with its compact design, which makes it look good, and the compactness works really well?

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Light Weight

A person, who is a frequent user of saws and does heavy-duty work in the backyard, knows how important it is for a saw to be lightweight. The Makita DSS501Z holds full marks when it comes to weight. The lightweight design makes it very easy to use and provides comfort to users.

Rotational Speed

An 18v battery powers the Makita DSS501Z. However, the energy and the speed it provides to the blade is no joke. It delivers a rotational speed of up to 3600 RPM, providing a smooth cutting experience to the users.

  • Impressive speed.
  • Easy to grip.
  • It cuts like a hot knife.
  • Well balanced and lightweight.
  • No batteries included.

2. Makita HS301DZ 12V Max Li-Ion CXT 85mm Circular SawMakita HS301DZ 12V Max Li-Ion CXT 85mm Circular Saw

THE Makita HS301DZ circular saw is one of the best inline for circular saws available in the Makita line. It Is a 12 V battery powered circular saw, producing enough power to cut through stubborn materials. Its 85mm blade may sound like a trim blade, but it actually gets the job done.


Immense Rotating Speed

The Makita HS301DZ circular saw is powered by either a 10.8V battery or a 12V Li-ion battery which generates enough power for its blade to rotate at 1500 rpm. This rotating speed turns out to be extremely helpful for its users to glide through different materials.


The lightweight design of the Makita HS301DZ makes it super easy for its users to manoeuvre the circular saw. Many regular circular saw users complain about the weight other circular saws have, making it challenging to use the saws for a longer time, unlike Makita HS301DZ.

Dust Blower

The Makita HS301DZ comes with a built-in dust blower, which is a great help for its users. The built-in dust blower blows the dust off the line cut, pleasing for the users as it does not make a lot of mess.

  • Sturdy and great balance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great value for money.
  • No charger included.

3. Makita DSS611Z – Best Makita Cordless Circular SawMakita DSS611Z 18V Li-Ion LXT 165mm Circular Saw

Makita DSS611Z is an 18 V Li-ion battery powered circular saw having an excellent blade length and impressive speed. The Makita DSS611Z circular saw is one of the best makita circular saws for quality cuts and ease of use. It has safety features to it which makes it extra secure. If a person wants great value for their money, Makita DSS611Z is the right choice for it.



The Makita DSS611Z has an immense powered motor which makes it extremely fast. It is powered by an 18V battery, which delivers a smooth cutting experience required and expected by the users.

Rotational Speed

As mentioned above, the Makita DSS611Z has immense power, which generates a superfast rotating speed of up to 3600rpm, which tells its own story. The fast rotational speed makes its blades glide through materials like a hot knife on butter.

Safety Cover

The Makita DSS611Z circular saw comes with a safety cover for its users. There are some instances in the past with horrible results, which is why Makita DSS611Z, with its safety features, becomes the best choice for customers.

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Powerful speed.
  • Safety features.
  • Emits smoke sometimes.

4. Makita DHS680Z 18V Li-Ion LXT 165mm Brushless Circular SawMakita DHS680Z 18V Li-Ion LXT 165mm Brushless Circular Saw

The Makita DHS680Z 18V li-ion circular saw is one the best in the game. It provides the best cutting experience and great value for your money. Furthermore, it comes with a brushless motor making it have better results. Its high efficiency makes the users fall in love with it. Not to forget, the speed it generates is extremely quick.


Rotational Speed

The DHS680Z is a cordless circular saw with a high-efficiency brushless motor that delivers up to 680 watts of maximum output at 5,000 rpm when driven by an 18V Li-ion battery. 5000 rpm is a massive rotational speed that will provide you with the best-finished cuts.

Automatic Speed Control

The Makita DHS680Z comes with an automatic speed control feature which turns out to be a great help. It also prolongs the battery life. The cutting speed automatically changes depending upon the load.

Safety Features

It has a soft start to suppress start-up reactions for improved control and accuracy. The Makita DHS680Z comes with an electric brake for operator safety. Also, it comes with rubberized levers providing extra comfort.

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Great battery power.
  • Brushless motor.
  • Dust extraction.
  • Sometimes pinches when following a line.

5. Makita 5008MGJ/2 240V Circular SawMakita 5008MGJ 2 240V Circular Saw

Makita is one of the leading brands in the market, manufacturing professional power tools. When it comes to saws, Makita makes the best of them. The Makita 5008MGJ/2 circular saw is known for its power and its finished results. Its powerful 1800 watt battery is on the next level hence providing the best cutting experience.


Amazing Rotational Speed

Makita is the industry’s top maker of professional power tools. The 5008MGJ/2 Circular Saw has a 1,800-watt motor that can spin up to 5,200 times per minute. With a maximum depth of 75.5mm at 90 degrees, the 5008MGJ/2 has an intense cut.

Captivating Design And Figures

The cut depth scale on the 5008MGJ/2 is easy to see, with the most commonly used two numbers, 13mm and 19mm, stamped on in more significant proportions. The huge lever can be used to make a one-handed adjustment.

Rule Guide

The operator can cut straight, accurate cuts with the help of the handy rule guide. A built-in dust blower clears the cut line for better accuracy-which makes the Makita 5008MGJ/2 the best in the present market.

  • Built-in twin LED
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Impressive blade speed.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • No electric brake.

6. Makita HS7601J/2 – Best Makita Corded Circular SawMakita HS7601J 2 240V 190mm Circular Saw

If any person has any knowledge about professional working tools, they would tell you how Makita leads the market when it comes to professional working tools, especially saws. The Makita HS7601J/2 is a powerful circular saw which comes with a 240V battery and a blade length of 190mm, which is the best on its own.



Makita is one of the most well-known manufacturers of professional power tools. With a powerful 1,200 watt motor that can provide up to 5,200 rpm, the HS7601J Circular Saw is compact and lightweight.

Aesthetic Design

The HS7601J features a new aesthetic design, an aluminium base plate, an aluminium die-cast safety cover for more outstanding durability, and a single action lever for easy cutting depth adjustment.


The Makita HS7601J features a Rear angular guide for smooth and precise bevel angle adjustment and a handy guide rule for perfectly straight cuts. When changing blades, the HS7601J has a flat motor case for added stability.

  • Easy to use.
  • Accuracy is spot on.
  • Great value for money.
  • Great design.
  • Requires a specific type of electric socket.

7. Makita DHS710ZJ Twin 18 V Li-ion LXT 185 mm Circular SawMakita DHS710ZJ Twin 18 V Li-ion LXT 185 mm Circular Saw

The Makita DHS710ZJ is one of the best seller Circular Saws from Makita. It comes with two 18 V batteries which are suitable for most jobs. Its aesthetic design makes it have an upper edge over other circular saws. It has a 190mm blade length, which results in impressive cuts. Not to forget it comes with a bore size of 20/30mm.


Impressive Speed

The DHL710ZJ is a cordless Circular Saw with a 36V DC motor drive system that delivers up to 4,600 rpm and is powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries. These batteries produce immense power, which turns out to be quite impressive.

Large Cutting Capacity

The Circular Saw has a huge cutting capacity of 66mm at 90 degrees and a bevel capacity of 0 to 50 degrees with a positive stop at 45 degrees. The operator can make extra-accurate straight cuts with the help of a convenient guiding rule.

Dust Extractor

For a clean work environment, the rear dust port exhausts sawdust away from the operator, the built-in dust blower clears the cut line for accuracy, and the dust nozzle is attached for connection to a vacuum cleaner.

  • Great accuracy.
  • Impressive battery life.
  • Extremely powerful.
  • Good balance and weight.
  • Requires more attention on some angles.

8. Makita DRS780Z Twin 18V (36V) Li-ion LXT Brushless 185mm Circular SawMakita DRS780Z Twin 18V (36V) Li-ion LXT Brushless 185mm Circular Saw

The Makita DRS780Z brushless circular saw is the top circular saw available in the market at the moment. It comes with an electric brake which is an added safety feature for the users. Not to forget, the Makita DRS780Z has a built-in soft start which results in smooth start-ups and provides maximum comforts.


Extremely Powerful

The DRS780Z Circular Saw is powered by two 18V Li-ion LXT slide-type batteries, which provide power to the 36V brushless motor, which delivers up to 5,100 rpm and 1,700 watts of peak power.

Magnesium Base

The DRS780Z has a die-cast magnesium base and blade guard for added durability and a rear handle design and Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT), which adjusts the cutting speed based on the load condition.

Connector Case

The connector case system was created with professionals in mind. The connection cases have strong and collapsible carry handles that make them easy to transfer and store. The individual casings are easily removed thanks to the rounded handles.

  • Immense power.
  • Great built quality.
  • Great value for money.
  • Effortless use.
  • A little heavier than other circular saws.

Makita Circular Saws Comparison Chart

ProductSpeedPower Source
Makita DSS501Z3600RPMBattery-powered
Makita HS301DZ1500RPMBattery-powered
Makita DSS611Z3700RPMBattery-powered
Makita DHS680Z5000RPMBattery-powered
Makita 5008MGJ/25200RPMCorded Electric
Makita HS7601J/25200RPMCorded Electric
Makita DHS710ZJ4800RPMBattery-powered
Makita DRS780Z5100RPMCorded / Battery

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Makita a good brand?

Nothing beats Makita when it comes to the manufacturing of professional working tools. If you are looking for chainsaws or circular saws, Makita should be your first option.

2. How much does a Makita circular saw cost?

Makita circular saws start from £50 and go up to £240+.

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