Best Tenon Saw Uk – Reviews & Buying Guide

tenon sawTenon Saws are a type of backsaw with a rigid back. They are usually made of brass material. Tenon saws are very handy to have in your workshop tool collection as they make accurate straight cuts. These saws are known to give a good finish with perfect angles and neat finishes.

Tenon saws are very convenient when you want to cut small wood pieces, especially furniture joints. The reason that a tenon saw can make precise cuts is 13 toothed-per inch blade. The edge is usually made of metal or wood.

Best Tenon Saws Reviews Uk

The UK market is flooded with many brands selling Tenon Saws. Some of the best tenon saws are mentioned in this article so that it becomes easier for you to choose the one that works best for you.

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1. Spear & Jackson 9550B B23 Trad Brass BK Tenon

Spear & Jackson 9550B B23Spear and Jackson is among the top tenon saws available in the market. It provides precise cuts without putting extra effort. Moreover, the price is very reasonable.


The structure:

The back is made of substantial brass. It weighs perfectly right for cutting. The handle is big enough to be used by everyone, even by someone with large hands.

The teeth:

These are conventional instead of the traditional Japanese style. It provides a smooth yet accurate cut.

The blade:

The blade is covered with lacquer to ensure that it does not rust. Slight candle wax on the blade accompanies the smooth running of the blade.

  • It makes a nice cut, even on a cheap or laminated door.
  • The price is economical.
  • The blade, along with the teeth, is well set.
  • It does not require a lot of effort due to its extra length.
  • The teeth are not sharp enough. Hence you will have to resharpen and reset it.

2. Irwin 10503534 12T/13P XP3055-300 Tenon Saw

Irwin 10503534 12T13P XP3055-300 Jack Tenon SawThis is a very efficient saw available to assist you in your projects. It is equipped with multiple high teeth and uses a unique triple ground technology to provide smooth and neat cuts.


The build:

Made of fine grain, multiple high teeth are perfect for cutting quite easily. The handle is made of soft grip material to provide comfort to the user.

Technology used:

It used triple ground tooth technology. This plays an important role in increasing its efficiency.  Not only this, but it also enhances the push and pull strokes during cutting, making your work better.

  • Consists of light and fragile handle.
  • Makes smooth and neat cuts.
  • It is quite comfortable to hold and use.
  • The build quality is fantastic.
  • No flexing whatsoever.
  • This saw is perfect for cutting through huge pieces of wood.
  • The handle is not so rigid.

3. Stanley Fatmax 2-17-199 Rough Back Saw

Stanley Fatmax 2-17-199 Rough Back SawStanley Fatmax is a top-rated tenon saw. It serves as a nifty tool that is easy to use and is sharp enough to facilitate quick and accurate cutting. The features and qualities that make it stand out in the list of best tenon saws are mentioned below.


High quality back for a better cut

The back is specially crafted and reinforced to make a straighter cut. Also, the extra rigidity helps you to hold the Stanley Fatmax saw more firmly. This well made saw cuts wood cleanly and also makes an excellent tool.

Sturdy and well-built handle

Maybe the 45° and 90° angles are the most commonly cut angles. These angles make fine edges and corners as they have slotted angles. Not only that, but the strongly built handle is comfortable and provides a strong grip.

  • Extra rigid
  • Available in many colours
  • Length is approximately 12 inches (300 mm)
  • sharp and easy to hold
  • The blade is a little too thick

4. Spear & Jackson B9812 12-inch Predator Tenon Saw

Spear & Jackson B9812 12-inch Predator Tenon SawIf you are looking for a tool that is easy to hold during operations and provides precision and accuracy, then Spear and Jackson is the answer to your search. With this tool, you will get smooth cuts without making a lot of effort. Hence, it is an efficient and user-friendly saw.


Sturdy and comfortable handle

Spear and Jackson Predator Tenon Saw of size twelve is equipped with a comfortable handle with a soft feel and strong grip. It also has a specially designed finger guide for more accuracy. You’ll also find the forty-five to ninety-degree angle extremely useful.

Quick and effective cutting

Spear and Jackson tenon saw provides a smooth, effort-free cutting action that is not just fast but efficient too. In addition to that, you can use the Spear and Jackson saw to cut out a tenon, cut pelmets, and do some other activities like dowelling, skirting, architraves, moulding and coving etc. This tenon saw can easily cut down wood and is also of great quality.

Solid steel back for maximum rigidity

Spear and Jackson Predator Tenon Saw has been proven to provide utmost strength and stability for cutting plastic and all types of wood. The steel back efficiently brings out inflexibility for convenient, easy and quick cutting. You will surely find the value worth all the money.

  • It has a cutting angle up to ninety degrees
  • Its sharp blade is efficient in cutting wood
  • Nice and comfy handle
  • It is not good for sawing extra-large logs.

5. Rolson 58375 Tenon Saw

Rolson 58375 Tenon SawRolson – You might be unaware of the name, but I bet you don’t want to miss it. The high quality built and 9 teeth per inch design make it one of the best tenon saws. And not to forget, this product is budget-friendly.

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Soft Grip Handle

Rolson Tenon Saw is equipped with a soft grip handle that is both comfortable and convenient to use.

High and Diligent Standard

Rolson Tools ensures that all its products are of the highest standard possible without compromising the values of quality and safety. Not only are all the tools manufactured at an international standard, but are also very well-priced.

9 TPI Tooth Design

The Rolson Tenon Saw is designed in such a way that precision while cutting is guaranteed. The 9 TPI Tooth design on the blade is sure to make your work quick and easy!

  • It is quite affordable and cheap.
  • The blade is sharp and efficient
  • The handle has a soft and strong grip
  • It is safe to use and has a diligent standard
  • It might not last long.

6. Draper 82199 Venom Double Ground 12PPI Tenon Saw

Draper 82199 Venom Double Ground 12PPI Tenon SawHaving a low budget to invest in a saw doesn’t deprive you of opting for quality performance and durability because Draper Venom Double ground Tenon Saw is present for your service. Highly optimised design and quality construction make this tool expert’s choice.


Double Ground Teeth

The Tenon Saw blade has been specially hardened and reinforced for better results. It can easily cut plastic, plastic boards and all types of wood with extreme precision. The teeth are optimally designed to create an effortless thrust and aid in drag-cutting.

High-Quality Carbon Steel Blade

The strong build and the high quality of this rigid carbon steel blade are guaranteed to provide extra stability and enhanced protection. Also, the blade surface of the Tenon Saw has been enamelled to not only reduce friction but also to prevent corrosion.

Comfort Grip Handle

The integral forty-five and ninety-degree angles built into the Draper handle will give you a strong grip, reduce fatigue and enhance precision. Not only that but your work will be made more convenient, smooth and quick.

  • Reasonable price
  • Durable and of high quality
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • It is obstructively flexible.

How To Choose Best Tenon Saw

For a workshop, an essential tool for cutting wood is a tenon saw. It is engineered to cut across the grain of the wood, giving a neat finish and an accurate cut. They are especially used along with gents saws and dovetail saws for perfect joint construction.

These mid-sized back saws got their name from their use which is cutting tenons for the mortise. These saws usually have rip-filed teeth so that rip cutting and cross-cutting can be done with ease.

Following are the critical details that you should keep in mind before buying a tenon saw:


The tenon is best suited for cutting wood in a mitre box, like all other backsaws. This makes cutting accurate edges with a nest finish easier. The rectangular-shaped blade has cutting teeth on one side and ribs on the other. The rigidity of the blade gives it more strength so that it can perform accurate straight cuts without bending.  It can cut hard and softwood, plastic, and sometimes even soft metals.


Typically, a tenon saw is constructed from steel with a wooden handle and brass back. This is why they are also called backsaws. The brass back keeps the blade from bending, making it sturdy and rigid, which is quite useful when it comes to sawing hardwood.

The innovative tenon saws of the 21st century have state-of-the-art techniques for a sharp, hardpoint blade. However, their downside is that these modern tenon saws cannot be re-sharpened


A typical tenon saw has wooden handles. However, modern tenon saws are modified with grips of a versatile material, including injected plastic and rubber. A sturdy handle made of good material can give extra grip and reduce vibration to achieve accurate results.

Teeth Per Inch (TPI)

TPI refers to the individual toothed cutting sections on the saw blade. The higher the TPI of a tenon saw is, the smaller the teeth get, and the more accurate the results are. However, high TPI also means that the saw will cut less material per stroke, increasing effort and accuracy.

A standard tenon saw will have 10 to 14 teeth per inch to increase depth control and cutting direction. The blade is usually supported by a pistol grip handle to keep your hands safe while sawing.

Final Verdict

The tenon saws mentioned above are undoubtedly some of the best tenon saws available in the market. However, the Spear and Jackson tenon saw is the most popular among the rest due to its extended durability, ease of use and rigidity. These are the qualities that enable a tenon saw to make perfect cuts with a smooth finish.

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