Best Mitre Saw Stands UK – Reviews & Buying Guides

best mitre saw standsDo you know the importance of the mitre saw stand in attaining the best results with your mitre saw? Here is a brief explanation.

For DIY woodworks projects, a mitre saw is an essential tool. With a handy mitre saw, you can cut perfect angles, slides, bevels as and when required. Of course, the perfection of your work depends on the quality of your mitre saw. Also, a mitre saw stand helps enhance the perfection and accuracy of cuts. Not only does it improve your outcome, but it also keeps your knees and back from tiring out.

There are various kinds and qualities of mitre saw stands available in the market. The trick is to choose the one which proves to be most appropriate for you and your mitre saw. For your convenience, we have listed down some of the best mitre saw stands that are available in the market.

Best Mitre Saw Stand Reviews

1. Einhell MSS 1610 Mitre Saw Stand – Best Overall

Einhell MSS 1610 Mitre Saw StandHere is your one in all choice as a mitre saw stand. Made with high-grade aluminium Einhell stand has easily detachable brackets for easy fixation. Its adjustability makes it a comfortable option while using your mitre saw.

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The Einhell stationary saw stand is made up of solid aluminium construction. It is robust and valuable, and ideal for bigger tasks on building sites and in your workshop.

Mounting detachable brackets

The Einhell stationary saw stand has extendable mounting brackets which extend up to 455 mm. These mounting brackets are detachable. Also, it features ergonomic clamps, which are quick and used for fixation of the feet.

Additional Storage Features

The Einhell stationary saw stand offers user-friendly storage features for added convenience. For instance, two workpiece storage clamps are fitted on the front feet, and two boxes are enclosed with the main workbench so that smaller screws, nails, and other hardware can be stored.


The Einhell stationary saw stand has height-adjustable options to give you a comfortable working height to bring precision in your cuts. Also, the side extensions can be adjusted to accommodate lengthier material.

  • High performance and convenience
  • Allows the larger material to be assembled
  • Has running wheels on both sides supports.
  • It is quick and easy to set up
  • Pricier than most other brands

2. Evolution Power Tools 005-0001 Compact Folding Mitre Saw Stand

If you are in search of a mitre saw stand that is lightweight, portable, and easy to store, but at the same time allows accuracy and precision while using your mitre saw then Evolution Power Tools Compact Mitre saw stand is a perfect match for you.Evolution Power Tools 005-0001 Compact Folding Miter Saw Stand


Lightweight and portable

The evolution power tool 005-0001 weighs only 15.5 kg, making it easy to carry from one place to another. But its lightweightedness doesn’t make it weak as its arm can support up to 150 kg and up to 3m lengthy workpieces.

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Easy to store

Evolution power tool 005-0001 has folding legs which can be folded down to only 1000mm x 280mm x 230mm, which is easy to store. In addition, the adjustable rollers make it possible to be the height you desire. This could make your work more comfortable for you and relieve your back from hurting bending for long periods.

  • Compatible with all evolution mitre saws as well as some other brands too
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Repeat cutting can be done perfectly
  • Extendable support arms for long workpieces
  • Has quick release mounting brackets
  • 3-year warranty
  • Evolution power tool 005-0001 is a comparably short mitre stand.

3. Bosch Professional GTA2600 Mitre Saw Stand

When using a Mitre saw it is important to fix it in a place that keeps the user safe and provides accuracy. Bosch Professional Mitre Saw stand is engineered to take care of these things. It has a stable design that provides ease of use and stability during the task.Makita DEAWST06 Mitre Saw Stand


Stable design feature

It weighs 19 kgs, and the weight adds to the efficiency and the stability of the stand. Moreover, the clever design makes it possible to get a nice flat workspace that can be installed even on bumpy or uneven floors.

Easy to fold

The legs of Bosch Professional GTA2600 can be folded easily and are operated with a click. The stand is portable and can be stored anywhere. Easy storage solves many peoples issues regarding space availability.

  • Assembling and disassembling is quick and easy.
  • Compatible with all Bosch Mitre saws.
  • Long-lasting steel construction
  • The foldable legs are rugged and strong
  • Can be extended on both ends to increase length. 
  • The stand is relatively heavier 

4. Makita DEAWST06 Mitre Saw Stand

Working with a Mitre saw might get problematic if you don’t have a stand that is easy to handle and supports the performance. Makita has designed this Mitre saw stand to stay stable on any floor as well as easy to handle and move.Makita DEAWST06 Mitre Saw Stand

Let’s have an insight into its features.


Sturdy Portable Wheels

The stand is equipped with a pull handle, a carrying handle, and a pair of solid wheels that enable the stand to be wheeled only when folded. When the stand is in use, the wheel does not come in contact with the ground, thus making it safe for you to work. This increases the portability of the stand.

Efficient Performance

The lightweight aluminium construction makes the stand easy to handle. It can hold up to 500 pounds of weight, which is a unique feature not offered by various other reliable brands. In addition, stable positioning helps you in work efficiency. Without any doubt, this is one of the best mitre saw stand available in the market.

  • Long extendable arms for material support
  • Adjustable feet for uneven surfaces
  • Universally compatible with all previous and upgraded Makita mitre saws
  • The stands weigh only 16 kgs.
  • Easy, simple, and convenient to use
  • It is more expensive as compared to other brands.

5. DEWALT Heavy-Duty Mitre Saw Leg Stand

Dewalt Heavy Duty Stand is constructed with exceptionally high-quality materials without compromising its portability with an ergonomic handle. The weight and size of the product keeps it stable so the entire procedure doesn’t get affected.DEWALT Heavy Duty Short Beam Mitre Saw Stand



The DEWALT Heavy-Duty Mitre saw stand is lightweight and can be easily carried. For increased portability and storage, the design can fold in half. Ideal for people travelling with their equipment. The setup and folding process is quick, simple, and easy.


The legs of the stand are guarded by plastic feet, which are so protective that you can use it on a fine floor without damaging it. It can hold material up to 500 pounds and 16 feet in length, although it weighs only 14 kgs. Its minimal weight increases its efficiency as it could be handled easily by all.

  • Highly efficient performance and relatively easy to use.
  • Two-year warranty which can be extended up to 3 years on registration.
  • It weighs 14 kgs and is made up of aluminium material.
  • Made up of high-quality material with an ergonomic handle.
  • Adjustable height.
  • The latch break can get stuck rarely

6. VonHaus Mitre Saw Stand – Budget Friendly

If finding a stand that suits and fits any mitre saw is your priority then it’s time to look no forward. VonHaus has designed this stand that is a universal fit for any mitre saw. The flexibility of design and adjustability of height makes it compatible with any type of mitre saw.VonHaus Mitre Saw Stand


Universal compatibility

The VonHaus Mitre saw stand is compatible with mitre saws of almost all brands. The construction is robust, heavy-duty steel, which makes it durable.


The VonHaus Mitre saw stand can be adjusted on uneven surfaces. In addition, the saw table height can be adjusted from 81 cm to 92 cm to provide you with a comfortable height to work on. It also has a quick-release clamp to make the setup easier and quicker.

  • It is lightweight and sturdy and weighs up to 10 kgs
  • The height of the stand is adjustable.
  • It has extendable arms to support long workpieces
  • Folds down for easier storage
  • Can hold relatively less load than other mitre saw brands

7. Scheppach UMF1600 Universal Mitre Saw Stand

Scheppach is a compact and easy to handle saw stand. Its construction quality makes it stand out among its counterparts. If you need an easily adjustable stand with highly accurate performance without compromising ease of use, this is your way to go.Scheppach UMF1600 Universal Mitre Saw Stand



Scheppach UMF1600 Universal Mitre Saw Stand is lightweight and portable. It can be folded and carried around easily. Therefore, it is ideal for saw operators who need to transport their mitre saw stand frequently.


Scheppach UMF1600 Universal Mitre Saw Stand is made up of excellent quality steel, which has superior leg support. It weighs 27 pounds and measures 165 mm in size.

Mounting Brackets

The Scheppach UMF1600 Universal Mitre Saw Stand has tool mounting brackets. These mounting brackets allow ease and security in mounting the mitre saw to the mitre saw stand.

  • The design is compact which is easy to handle.
  • High performance and quality
  • Legs can fold quickly and provide easier storage solutions
  • Worktops can be adjusted as per requirement
  • The price is high in accordance with the performance.

8. Bosch 0603B05000 PTA 2400 Mitre Saw Stand

When it comes to quality and compatibility, Bosch has never disappointed its users. The same is the case with this mitre saw stand. It is a universal fit for all types of mitre saws. Moreover, it takes care of performance, efficiency, and adjustability.Bosch 0603B05000 PTA 2400 Mitre Saw Stand


High Performance

Bosch 0603B5000 PTA Mitre Saw stand is high quality and high-performance equipment accessory. It has a high cutting capacity.


Bosch 0603B5000 PTA Mitre Saw stand is a sturdy and compact design weighing 20.4 kgs. The robust side extensions allow you to cut long panels.


  • It is universally compatible and can fit most mitre saws.
  • Quick and easy to set up and easy to use
  • It can be folded and stored easily
  • Good quality with high effectiveness potential.
  • It has extendable arms and mounting brackets.
  • It weighs more in comparison to the other brands.

Different Types of Mitre Saw Stands

There are many kinds of mitre saw stands available in the market. Their qualities and features vary. Following are the most common mitre saw stands purchased by users:

1. Typical Mitre Saw Stand

This type of mitre saw stand is traditional and is the most widely used stand. Usually, it is made up of wooden plants. The conventional kind of mitre saw stand doesn’t have any wheels or locks. This is the cheapest kind and has the ability to handle heavy material

2. Table Top Mitre Saw Stand

Table top mitre saw stand is very similar to the traditional kind. It is also fixed like the typical stand and lacks mobility. However, it is more comfortable to work on a table top stand as you can sit on your workbench while sawing.

3. Metal Rail Mitre Saw Stand

As the name suggests, this kind of mitre saw stand is made up of metal and has less weight. It is compatible with many brands of mitre saws but can handle less weight than the traditional or the tabletop stand.

4. Foldable Mitre Saw Stand

The foldable mitre saw stand is ideal for people who carry their equipment with them. The legs of the mitre saw can be folded to make it easy to carry. After being folded, it can also be stored easily in small spaces

Buying Guide

“How to Choose a Best Mitre Saw Stand”

Flawless sawing can only be done if you end up buying the perfect mitre saw stand for your DIY needs. The purchase would be worth it if you look for the below mentioned key qualities in a potential mitre saw. Consider these carefully so that you do not regret your purchase later.

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Ease of Usage

It is essential to look for ease of usage in your mitre saw stand. Anything complicated can make you irritable. The position of the stand should be stable and should be the right height for you to work on comfortably.


Portability is another important quality that you should look for when buying a mitre saw. An easy to carry mitre saw makes it more user-friendly. Mitre saws that are foldable are ideal for carrying around from one workplace to another. Also, foldable stands provide the benefit of easy storage to fit into a small nook.


Another foremost element in your mitre saw stand should be its safe usage. It is considered more secure to set up your mitre saw on a stand than on the floor. Also, the stand should be sturdy enough to handle both your equipment and the material you are working on. Some mitre saw models also have handles and extendable arms so that you could have your hands free while working.

Easier Set up

Setting up and folding your mitre saw stand can leave you exhausted if it is a complicated process with lots of clamps and bolts. Opt for a model that can be set up quickly and easily to save your energy for the task at hand.


A good mitre saw stand should be adjustable. You should be allowed to increase or decrease it in height according to your needs to bring precision to your work by giving you a better view of the cut. Also, you should be able to adjust it on delicate, even, and uneven surfaces alike. Adjustability increases accuracy.

Frequency of Use

If you are a frequent user of a mitre saw, it is smart to invest in a good mitre saw stand. This investment will prove to be profitable in the long run, and a good, sturdy mitre saw stand would be durable enough to last long.

Mitre Saw Compatibility

It is also important to check if the mitre saw stand that you want to buy is compatible with your mitre saw model. Many mitre saw stands are universally compatible with many brands. However, it is beneficial to get the brand that has manufactured your mitre saw to fit perfectly.


Last but not least, choosing a mitre saw stand that fits your requirements, as well as your budget, is of crucial significance. They can easily be bought in a price range of 50 dollars to 150 dollars, depending on the quality and features.


Is a Mitre saw stand worth it?

Buying a mitre saw stand can incur additional expense for you. However, spending money on a mitre saw stand is worth every penny as it provides you with added safety, efficiency, precision, comfort, and speed. Many tasks require you to make multiple cuts, and a saw stand that can be adjustable can make it easier for you to measure quickly and precisely. It also relieves your back as you do not have to get down on the floor often.

Do I need a stand for a chop saw?

A chop saw is quite heavy. To hold its weight, you need a table or a stand so that you can use the chop saw with ease. Also, working on a stand increases accuracy and productivity. Moreover, a stand would make it easier for you to use a chop saw frequently and more efficiently without tiring you out.

Final Verdict

Every mitre saw stand available in the market works best in certain situations. So firstly, you have to identify your needs so that you can choose the mitre saw that works best for you.

The mitre saw stand manufactured by Evolution Power Tools works best as a household saw, with professional precision. However, Makita DEAWST06 has been rated the best and is the most liked Mitre Saw Stand by most people. Also, some others are good commodities for their values and would work equally competently.

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